Kite Lines – Vol. 13 No. 2 (Winter 1999-2000)


DIEPPE: New sightings! by Pierre Fabre | BIKE & KITE DREAMTOUR of Western America by J.J. Toepfer | VERDUN’s last Rendez-Vous? | Who can fly the TUKKAL FIGHTER? by Tania Berger | SKY GALLERY: Delicacies by Philippe Cottenceau | TRACTION GETS WET! Power kites and modified surfboards by Dean Jordan | LAST GOODBYES: Mel Govig | Workshop: The “Sedgwickcube” | NEW KITES: Power kites, a big trickster, stacking two-line foils, a modular kite system and more | The Bigge Question: Flying at the Smithsonian can be quite an experience by Bill Bigge | Empty Spaces: Tom Marvin, Barbara Felker, David Bui, Mel Edlund, Terry Yuncker and Tom Sisson

Cover Photo:

Desmond Walsh in mid-jump during kiteboarding at Kailua Bay, Hawaii. Photograph by Stephen Whitesell. (See story on page 26.)

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