Issue 34: Video Review – 2003 AKA Convention by Alive Archives

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the new DVD from the last AKA Convention held in Dayton Ohio last October… Having been there ourselves and done daily updates every night (like we do every year), it was a welcome nostalgic trip for us.

Featuring extensive footage from many of the premier individual and team sport kite competitors, kite makers, rokakku battle, attendees and awards, you are accompanied on this journey by an exclusive soundtrack from Aerial Acoustics… Many of the exciting pieces were composed by Dennis Smith and Dorothy Wagner, long time fliers and musicians from the East Coast.

Some of the highlights include Pete Dolphin, AirZone Flight Team, Chicago Fire, Wind Jammers, Mix McGraw’s Guinness World Record Attempt, Top 3 of indoor winners, Interview with featured kite artist Joanne Webber, Phil Broder’s bear drop, musical mass ascensions of cell, soft, and delta kites, plus the beautiful and classy dinner performance.

You won’t find full length competition routines on this DVD, but there is more than enough of the best included with an incredibly colorful and varied collection of footage from the field, and from inside the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum.

Nowhere else will you see some of the best indoor flying done in a giant hangar, surrounded by everything from B-52 bombers to stealth planes, Spitfires to the Wright Brothers plane!

Even down to the bonus clip featuring a unique brand of entertainment from Eric Wolff and Ari Contzius, we enjoyed the wide-eyed show very much… Earning a slot on our own favorite video shelf.

As Don Tabor so aptly said after being nominated for the Steve Edeiken Kiteflier of the year award:

“We all have one thing in common, we like to fly kites… We all do.”

26th Annual AKA Convention Video
Produced by Alive Archives

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