Issue 34: Virtual Kite Makers Retreat

In our ongoing mission to gather and present useful concepts or programs to the larger kiting body, we received this interesting email from Todd Little of the Keystone Kiters… Bear in mind, this is published a little late due to our scheduled release dates for KL.

A few kite enthusiasts are putting together a virtual kite making retreat. I thought that this might be of interest to your readers. Using the forum on the Kite Studio site, we will attempt to run a kite making retreat on-line, giving everyone a chance to build a kite from plans offered on the forum with interactive communication between the teacher and the builders. I thought you would like to be aware of this event as it is novel and could possibly be of interest to your readers.

We will start the class with the first set of instructions on Friday, January 23rd. Every week we’ll post the next step or steps. The whole class should take about six weeks, with an hour or so of work each week.

If you are an inexperienced kite maker, this is a great project for you. It is easy, fun and flies great when its done. Plus, you may actually learn a few useful tricks. If you are an experienced kite maker, we need you. Help us
evaluate what we can and cannot accomplish in this online format. As an added benefit you get the prestige of being able to say you have been there from the very beginning!

Everyone can follow the discussion in the forum, but you will need to register in order to participate in the Q&A portion of the class. To register, go to:

Go to the top of the page and click on “Register”, once you’re a member just sign in and look for the title On-Line Kite Project 1.0 – Della Porta.  If you are not a registered as a member of this Usergroup, you are only allowed to see “public topics”.

Registration for this project will CLOSE on January 18th, those coming in after this date can inquire through myself (email link below), or one of the topic moderators.



If this goes well, there will be additional projects of varying difficulty in the future. We look forward to seeing many people sign up and make this cool kite. Please contact me with questions or comments.

Todd Little