Issue 35: AKA Corner

Happy Kite Month, Everyone!

This year our “month” runs from March 27 to May 2nd. That’s because AKA always strives to give you a little something extra — in this case, two extra weekends. And for 2004, we are proud to have Into the Wind as our primary sponsor.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, go take a look at our web page at . The site has been completely revamped by Gary Crane with a special eye toward getting teachers to incorporate kiting into their spring lesson plans.

How can you help?? The answer should be familiar to you now. Just plan to go fly a kite in April. Then register your event on the NKM site. It’s all free! Events include festivals, fun flies, workshops, school activities, store programs, exhibits, and just about anything else that will help expose the public to the joys of flying. Last year, Charles Stewart was named Volunteer of the Year for organizing dozens of presentations in New York public libraries.

Remember the ground rules — register early to receive all the benefits — but register even at the last minute to qualify for prizes. Of course, doing it early gets you more calendar coverage and makes things easier for our coordinators. Its free and just takes a minute. So go to and sign up now!!

Did I mention prizes??. We’ll draw a name every week through six weekends. The more events you put together, the better your chance of winning. This year’s prizes (and their generous donors) are: a revolving box kite by Bary Crites, a 50′ bowed cellular snake kite by John Pollock, a paper cut mini kite by Charlie Sotich, a framed copy of his award-winning aerial photo by Dan Brinnehl, a kite by Ron Gibian, and a winged eye kite by England’s Roy Broadley, and mini AKA banners from Scott Spencer.

Since we’re running from the last week of March through the first week of May, there is plenty of opportunity to pack the official schedule with festivals, fun flies, exhibitions, workshops, and any other kind of gathering that helps expose the public to kiting.

So make some plans now and help us help kiting to soar to new heights.

And remember to have fun out there!

David Gomberg