Issue 35: Letters to the Editor

When you browse the pages of Kitelife there is quite a bit that happens to put these pages online… One of the most important aspects is the letters we receive from our readers regarding format, content, as well as those seeking social and promotional information about kite flying… Here are a few of the most recent comments we’ve received.

  Dear Kitelife,

  I happened upon your wonderful magazine online after a recent trip to the Caribbean with a friend who is a recently initiated kite enthusiast.  We had a great time flying his modest stunt kite and I think he converted a bunch of us to the hobby.  His birthday is coming up and we think we’re going to get him a subscription to the magazine.  I wanted just to inquire if you publish pictures readers submit from their kiting experiences.  It would make his, and our, day if he would make the pages of the mag.  I attached a couple of his best pictures.  I look forward to hearing from you and getting more into this sport.

  Parth Chanda
Boston, MA

  We’re very happy to oblige you Parth… Our congratulations on your recent exposure to kiting, it has been a part of our lives for many years and we always love to see that group grow.  And please do sign your friend up for a subscription, it will give him access to great prizes and cool, exclusive content and help us grow as well!


Please consider yourself most welcome to write us with
any question, input, praise or complaint.