Issue 37: AKA Corner

Hello Kitefliers!

The AKA has just opened a new online Forum available to both members and also non-members. Check out KiteTalk on the AKA site.

Have a question about competition, or why AKA does things a particular way? Here’s your chance to raise an issue or propose a change.

There are general topic sections covering all kinds of kites, festivals, and general kiting information. Certainly, there are other Forms online but this is a special opportunity to interact with the folks making rules and organizing events. The chairs of our various committees moderate the subject discussions and officers participate in discussions.

Members have access to a private section of the Forum where issues such as rules, the convention, bylaws and membership benefits can be discussed.

This is a special opportunity for fliers to communicate, share information, and to involve all of our members more directly in Association policy and decision making.

So log into KiteTalk and join the conversation.

The National Convention in Seaside Oregon this October is shaping up to be one of our largest and most exciting.

Check out the Grand National Competitions for sport kites, kite making, and fighters. Choose from among 30 different workshops. Check out the indoor flying. Put up a kite in the mass ascensions. Spend money in the Great Kite Auction, raffles, or FlyMarket. Visit the Kite Art Gallery, the Miniature Kite Exposition, or the Pin Challenge. Or just hang out and meet fliers from across the country and around the world.

Convention is about kites but it is also about people. It is the ultimate kiting social gathering. Over the course of five nights, we have two banquets, three parties, and plenty of fun flying.

Of course, you have to be a member and register to attend. Forms are in Kiting Magazine and on the AKA site. The deadline for the lowest fees is August 15.

So come on out to Seaside and join the fun. And if you can’t make it, start thinking about Ocean City Maryland for 2005!

Not sure about Seaside yet? Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Ft. Clasop, the national park and winter encampment of Lewis and Clarke is just half an hour away. This should be a special time to visit since were celebrating the 200th anniversary of the journey.
  • Lincoln City, 90 minutes south, is hosting their Fall International Kite Festival the Saturday and Sunday before convention begins on Monday. Call 800-452-2151 and enter the drawing for free lodging. It’s only open to AKA members! The drive along the coast to Seaside is spectacular.
  • The Evergreen Aviation museum in McMinnville, one hour southeast, is the home of the Spruce Goose— largest aircraft in the world! McMinnville is in the heart of Oregon wine country. There is also another air museum in Tillamook just down the road from the cheese factory.
  • The World Kite Museumis an hour north in Long Beach. We’ve even scheduled a bus and caravan trip to the Museum on morning during the convention.
  • Mt. St Helens volcanic restoration area is an hour north of the Portland airport. If you don’t have time for a visit, at least take the half hour drive east on Highway 84 to see the Gorge and Multnomah Falls. You won’t regret it! Windsurfing in Hood River is just a few miles further down the road.

All that to do — and we’re not even talking about the convention yet! Come join us!!

David Gomberg