Issue 37: Kite Flying and its Importance

Kite flying is an old and regular feature in almost all developed as well as in developing countries. Countries like USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan etc., are regularly conducting International Kite Flying Competitions and Workshops on kites every year. Moreover, in some countries kite related events are celebrated every month. In India, Panjab can boast of having rich cultural heritage of flying kites.

There were days when sky was completely covered with multi-coloured and different shaped traditional kites conveying messages of peace, brotherhood, happiness, Communal Harmony and National Integration. Let us all revive this art of flying kite in our leisure time as it regenerates energy and provides numerous benefits to our body also helps in reducing tension being created in the present times.

Kite itself is a lifeless but still spreads message on International Peace, Communal Harmony, Anti Terrorism to all people living in this universe. Only we have created boundaries between nations on this Earth but kite do not obey this human made rules and still spreads fragrance of brotherhood on reaching other countries by flying up high in the sky.

Meaningful Educational Kites are made with different combination of colours to educate children and young people. Kites with social messages like ‘GROW MORE TREES’ and ‘SAY NO TO CRACKERS’ can educate people on benefits of clean and pollution free environment. Kites carrying message against smoking and drinking can save youth from indulging in bad habits.

Kite flying helps in development of concentration and thus student can score good marks by concentrating his mind in studies and other activities. Flying of kite is one of the best low budget recreation, clean and safe entertainment which helps in recovering physical as well as mental tiredness in a shortest possible time. Kite flying regenerates quantas of energy, happiness and freshness which helps to handle day to day duties with more vigour, interest and dedication.

It is also a physical exercise for brain, arms, legs, neck and eyes. Kite flying helps in improving eye sight as eye lids are to be moved constantly along with every changing moment of the kite fly high up in the sky. Blue colour of the sky also provides soothness to our eyes.

Most of the time kites are flown in the parks so intake of Vitamin ‘D’ and fresh oxygen into our body is definitely more than watching TV, playing on computers and other indoor activities. As more and more oxygen is being supplied to lungs and heart means building up of stronger heart. Stronger heart controls the supply of blood all body parts quite efficiently and keeps blood pressure of a body normal and thus reduces chances of heart attack.

All of our must to be benefit of kite flying more than a hobby in our life and lead a happy, healthy stress and strainfree long long life.

   Dr Devinder Pal Singh Sehgal,

   Panjab State Awardee
Limca Record Holder
Intl Record in Miniature Kites