Issue 37: We’re on a roll!

We’re ON A ROLL, pilots!!!

Yep, BIG Kitelife Doin’s… Kitelife’s growing again… You may have noticed some of the changes on the way in here…

  • “IF” you’re a Kitelife subscriber, there’s a new benefit available to you… How’d you like 100 megabytes of photo albums out there for you on Kitelife’s site? – FOR FREE!
  • Yep, you non-subscribers can still view all the photos too, and get your own 5 megabyte album for nothing… Check it out!
  • We’ve about finished putting up the last of the SKQ issues, too. We’re nearly done there, but we’ll see if we can’t surprise you with some other, similar attractions in the not-too-distant future.
  • And – within the next month – you’ll find your old pal, “Kite Classifieds” joining Kitelife, with an entirely new easier-to-read ad format (including embedded kite-photos), along with all the other great Kitelife components.

Still, this is YOUR magazine, folks – and we need your input…

Please feel free to drop us a line. Kitelife is interested in what you have to say! We want you to know that we’re “open” to hearing from you – and WILL read and respond to every letter and post.

  • Is there anything you found interesting, or even exciting, in this issue of Kitelife? If so, we’d be delighted to know what it is…
  • Did you find something here you DIDN’T like? Well, we kinda want to know about that too. After all, since it’s YOUR magazine, we sure welcome you taking an active part in making it better…
  • Is there something you expected to find in Kitelife, that was just plain missing? Here’s your shot at our “Cyber Suggestion Box.”

BUT – – – …yeah, there’s a “But!”

We also need you to help Kitelife out in some other ways.

  • FIRST – we really need more Event Reporters for the whole eastern seaboard. Yes, if you travel to these events, or compete in the Eastern League, we really need some people to write about those events. Come on! There’s a whole bug chunk of this country’s major kiting events that are just going unreported in Kitelife, darn It! We need your help to change that… We’ll work with you on putting your article together, and we don’t need you to be any journalistic “guru” either. If you think you’d like to help Kitelife here, even for a single event, PLEASE let us know!
  • SECOND – If you travel to events that are NOT competitions or NOT on the coast somewhere – we STILL need your help reporting those events. Did you go to a small festival somewhere in Kentucky or Mississippi or New Mexico ? Vacation in Hawaii or Puerto Rico and fly kites? Spend a weekend at the flying fields in Michigan or Oklahoma or Montana ? Go to down to Baja to buggy or kite-surf? Did you fly kites in Australia , or Italy , or Russia ? WE NEED to be reporting those events as well! PLEASE write us and inquire about doing an article! We’d LOVE to hear from you!
  • THIRD – We’re actively soliciting YOUR article on some portion of Kiting. Are you a kitemaker? Perhaps a collector? Do you enjoy Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)? Are you brand-new to the kiting sport and willing to give us your viewpoint? Are you a buggier, or a kite-surfer, or a kite-boarder that thinks we’re not paying enough attention to YOUR part of Kiting? Or even a Single Line Kite (SLK) flier that’s enthused about your portion of the sport? We WANT to publish your article. Your thoughts ARE important to the kiting community! PLEASE contact us…

There’re three ways you can communicate with us:

  • Click on my name at the bottom of this page, and send me an email. Tell me what you think about all this in plain old e-mail language.
  • Go to the Kitelife Forum via the link on the Kitelife Homepage, jump on a topic, add your comments, and join in the discussion. There’s a portion of the forum that’s set aside specifically for that purpose. That’s one of the things that’s nice about the Kitelife Forum (and, while you’re there – try out the forum’s spell-checker, too).
  • Finally, you can also write us a snail-mail letter. Find our mailing address at the bottom of Kitelife’s Contact Page.

Come on, folks… It’s YOUR magazine. We’d be delighted to get YOUR input here at Kitelife!