2004 AKA Convention – Day 6

Welcome to the last day of our 27th annual convention… The morning brought more seminars including an Indoor Fighter workshop by Steve Bateman, Bag Raffle tickets were still available for the 1pm drawing, and attendees strolled through the Fly Mart one more time.

As fliers headed out to the beach, they were greeted with a steady drizzle and moderate breezes… Not hardly enough to stop Ray Bethell from flying though, or the dozen or so competitors in Wet Tricks, err, I mean Hot Tricks!

The event was run in standard format with two fliers facing off at a time, their peers judging them, and the winners moving on to the next round… One outstanding participant was 8 year old Tristan Underwood who battled his way through 3 rounds into the semi finals against veteran masters.

The finals saw Daniel Haigh versus Ari Contzius, throwing down their best trick combos much to the delight of spectators… The winner – Ari Contzius!

After a much needed soak in the hot tub, we headed over to the convention center a bit early in preparation for the awards banquet and dinner… You wouldn’t believe the handmade kites this year, with amazing entries from Jose Sainz, Ron Gibian, John & Mary Gabby, John Pollock and other renowned kite makers from around the USA.

The banquet kicked off with a performance from Lee and Debbie park, flying their indoor Decas in a finely choreographed presentation… Setting the stage for the much anticipated winners to be announced.

Novice Individual Precision
1st Todd Haymans
2nd Brian Davis
3rd Ray Underwood
Novice Individual Ballet
1st Ray Underwood
2nd Todd Haymans
3rd Phelen McCall
Experienced Individual Precision
1st Don Ostey
2nd Wayne Fu
3rd Bruce Alleshouse
Experienced Individual Ballet
1st Zach Gordon
2nd Bruce Alleshouse
3rd Willy Hendrickson
Masters Individual Precision
1st Ron Graziano
2nd Josh Gordon
3rd Scott Davis
Masters Individual Ballet
1st Ron Graziano
2nd Josh Gordon
3rd Shawn Tinkham
Experienced Multiline Precision
1st Doug Coates
2nd Dan Burnham
3rd Wayne Turner
Experienced Multiline Ballet
1st Alan Cunningham
2nd Karl Berg
3rd Dan Burnham
Masters Multiline Precision
1st John Barresi
2nd Ron Despojado
3rd Shawn Tinkham
Masters Multiline Ballet
1st John Barresi
2nd Ron Despojado
3rd Lam Hoac
Open Indoor Unlimited
1st Shawn Tinkham
2nd Lam Hoac
3rd Jerry Cannon
Open Individual Freestyle
1st Charles Stonestreet
2nd Ray Bethell
3rd Ulysses Villanueva
Open Team Trains
1st That’s My Line
2nd K-Fan
3rd Heaven Help Us
Experienced Pairs Precision
1st EOS
2nd Wingnuts
3rd Chaos Effect
Experienced Pairs Ballet
1st EOS
2nd Odyssey
3rd Chaos Effect
Masters Pairs Precision
1st Wright Brothers
2nd Raw Power
3rd Wind Junkies
Masters Pairs Ballet
1st Raw Power
2nd Fly By Night
3rd Wind Junkies
Experienced Team Precision
1st Snowbirds
Experienced Team Ballet
1st Smitty & The Girls
2nd Snowbirds
Masters Team Precision
1st Cutting Edge
2nd 6th Sense
3rd AirZone
Masters Team Ballet
1st 6th Sense
2nd Cutting Edge
3rd AirZone

There were some very closely fought battles in team and individual events across the board!


On the single line end, People’s Choice went to Ron Gibian, Best Kite Accessory to Sam Huston and the Grand Champion of our 27th annual AKA Grand Nationals and Convention… John Pollock.

Thank you all for stopping by each day to follow our updates, and we encourage each and every one of you to make plans for the 28th annual convention to be held next year in Ocean City, MD!

Good flight, good night.

John Barresi