Issue 40: Kites at Super Bowl XXXIX

As a 14 year kite veteran, Announcer, and Masters class trick flyer Jason Benedict has long been a proponent of kites and kiters in mass media. As the owner of Bradley Royce Entertainment, Jason has also been working with promoters and producers of worldwide sporting events for some time.

Aerial Acoustics (Dorothy Wagner and Dennis Smith) are on the Bradley Royce Entertainment portfolio and have been featured at the 2004 US Tennis Open in Flushing Meadow Park New York.

After tirelessly working on their latest accomplishment, with negotiations and contracts now finalized, Bradley Royce Entertainment is proud to announce that Gomberg Kite Productions International will be providing a large inflatable kite display at the 2005 NFL Tailgate Party during the Super Bowl festivities in Jacksonville Florida on February 6th, 2005 between 1:00pm and 5:30pm.

Jim and Kat Martin, Mike and Judy Agner along with David Gomberg (AKA President) and Jason Benedict will be performing in front of an estimated 10 million viewers worldwide.

The 2005 NFL Tailgate Party will be televised on the FOX network between 1pm – 2pm (see local listings for details) on the “Best Darn Super Bowl Road Show Period” hosted by Tom Arnold and John Salley.

Keep an eye peeled for kites during the pre-game show!

This years tailgate party takes place at Metro Park, directly across the street, at the mouth of Alltel Stadium. We suspect that there will be many blimp and aerial shots of these kites as well as every form of mass media, that will be a great opportunity to promote modern kiting. Considering that advertising during the televised game goes for $2 million for a 30 second spot, there is much to be excited about.

The process of producing a show such as this on very short notice is not without it’s challenges. Each member of GKPI has completed a rigorous security and insurance screening. The flying space is tight. There was the challenge of getting transportation and lodging in Jacksonville where everything is sold out. There are kite size limitations, wind speed limitations, wind direction limitations, flying area limitations as well as the concern over the 10,000 VIP spectators including the likes of John Fogerty, Kelly Clarkson and P Diddy.

Moreover, the NFL representatives contacted Bradley Royce only three weeks before the big day. This presented a logistical issue of room, board and travel into a location that is barely capable of supporting an event like the Super Bowl on it’s own, much less having to house six hungry and tired kiteflyers. These kite flyers will undoubtedly be tired from their two hour commute Sunday morning to Jacksonville for their 8am load-in from the closest hotel room; in Savannah Georgia.

The kiting community should make a point of watching the “Best Darn Super Bowl Road Show Period”, and looking for the GKPI team. We look forward to pictures and a more lengthy report (with pictures) when they return.