Issue 40: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here.

I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every one of you to share your thoughts with us… Positive or negative, drop us a line!

John Barresi

I really enjoyed Dodd’s article in the current Kitelife issue. I first built my own stunt kites in the early 90’s and then was out of sport flying for almost ten years, into other sports, and recently returned so I missed a lot that happened in between. His article filled in a lot gaps for someone like me. I also enjoyed his video mentioned in the article that I recently obtained. I have read some of his posts on various forums and so had some idea, but the in-depth bio provided by kitelife was worthwhile, interesting, and well done.


Tom aka wing the forums…

Thank you Tom… Having spent a number of years on the competition circuit with Dodd, it was nice to “sit down” and catch up with him again.  While he may be one of the most controversial personalities in kiting, at the end of the day he really does love kites and it shows!  Far as I know, that’s the only qualification for being a part of this great sport.

I just recently ‘discovered’ your site as a result of wanting some feedback on the KTAI convention coverage from Nevada. I had a list of all the vendors and manufacturers present but was disappointed by your limited coverage of the event. Daily Updates have a better more complete coverage for subscribers?

I realize you were promoting your own product but what about Go Fly a Kite for example, they had the largest presence at the show according to the information I had but nary a word from you about their products and offerings. I do not work for GFK or promote their products but was surprised at the lack of even a mention. Why not, is this another of those ‘political’ things I seem to run into in the kite industry among retailers? Me thinks a reporter should be objective and unbiased and perchance you are that way but the KTAI coverage is all I have to go by.


We’re glad you came across our site, and hope you’ve found it to be of value (aside from the KTAI reports)… The updates to which you refer were written in a first-person perspective, rather than that of a news agency.

Not being directly affiliated with KTAI, it is not our task to provide press coverage on everyone simply by default… Instead we focus on those who create their presence, provide high quality products, spread the “feel good” sense, are promoting kiting, are actively involved day to day in the kiting community and well-being, or lend to the overall experience.

Granted, these rules do not apply at kite festivals since by default, anyone who shows up is probably there for a good time and to participate or observe… Different circumstances, which certainly change the way we cover an event.

All things aside, your observations have been duly noted and I will certainly add them to my collective experience for future reporting… Your input is appreciated.

Just wanted to say “thank you” for your coverage of the KTAI show. It was great! Steve and I didn’t go this year, were going on vacation in a couple of weeks and he didn’t have extra vacation time so your reports and photos were an excellent way to find out what was going on. Your insight on the industry as a whole is right on, you’ve been around almost as long as we have,it’s not rocket science.

Just wanted to thank you!

Sue Moskowitz

Thanks Sue! This being the first time that anyone has provided “live” day-by-day coverage, we felt it to be a great opportunity for our readers to gain a different insight into what goes on behind the scenes, and how it is that their favorite kites hit the market… Naturally we learned a lot this time around, and hope to do it even better next time.