Issue 41: AKA Corner

Proclaim that April is National Kite Month and Win Big!

Kite Month is coming and we’re announcing the biggest prize ever!! All you have to do to enter is get your local government to officially proclaim April as Kite Month. So call your city, county, school district, park department, borough, or library district.

A sample proclamation can be found in the “resource” section of the National Kite Month web page.

Once a proclamation is official, notify the AKA by emailing us at:


We need to know…

(1) what group issued the Proclamation,
(2) which AKA member got them to do it,
(3) a phone number to contact you.

If you are selected, you’ll be expected to provide documentation that the proclamation was issued. The first person to submit an entry gets the credit. Duplicate submissions don’t count.

On October 1st, we’ll pull the name of a winner during the Convention. And what a winner they will be!! The Proclamation Prize is $900 in cash and $400 in kite product!

This would make a great club project!! Recruit as many proclamations as you can! More official announcements means more entries! And here is an extra-credit bonus! Get your Governor to sign a proclamation and get five entries! Get your Congressman to score a national proclamation and earn 25 entries!

Thanks to the KTAI members who put up the cash for this great promotional effort. We’re getting more donations every day.

$200.00 Jim Christianson, Go Fly A Kite
$100.00 Bee Lindsey, Rehoboth Sport & Kite Co
$100.00 Billy Jones, Key West Kites
$100.00 Corey Jenson, Windpower Sports
$100.00 Jay Knerr, Kite Loft
$100.00 Lolly Hadzicki, Revolution Kites
$100.00 Maggie Vohs, Cameo Mgt.
$100.00 Rick Kligman, Klig’s Kites
(in product)
David & Susan Gomberg, GKPI