Issue 42: Kite Buggy in Buenos Aires

During the last weekend in April, April 30th through May 1st, the Alto Vuelo Kite Factory called a Kite Buggy group meeting at an Integral Nature Reserve Punta Rasa. A bunch of friends from “BATOCO”, the “Alto Vuelo Club” and “Kite Sur” all traveled 300 kilometers to enjoy the meeting. All of them wanted to enjoy Nature immediately. That’s why, as soon as they parked the cars, they started to put up the tents, and tuned the kites and Buggies. But, first of all, I like to describe that amazing place:

Punta Rasa is a very special geographical spot on the Buenos Aires coast in southern South America (36º 17´S, 56º 46´W), Argentina. This is the southern extreme of Samborombon Bay. The outer limit of the Rio de la Plata is where geography and habitat combine to create a site preferred by many species of migratory birds. Punta Rasa is also a sort of refuge for birds deflected from their migration courses or blown away from their home range by climatic conditions.

Punta Rasa is the most outstanding area in the region, ideally suited for flocks of resting birds with easy access to nearby feeding beaches and waters. The waters of the Rio de la Plata Estuary, and especially the muddy bottom of Samborombon Bay, offer rich feeding for birds because there are plenty of invertebrates, fish, and crustacean larva.
Undoubtedly, Samborombon Bay is one of the richest, most extensive, and important wetlands in Argentina, as has been recognized by various experts. That’s why it has become an Integral Nature Reserve. Close to it, there is a large zone where kite flying is allowed because it does not affect the ecosystem.

The folks of Alto Vuelo worked hard to give us all their experience and technical knowledge about Kite flying and Buggy driving. Jose Luis Baldesari, one of the owners of Alto Vuelo, taught to new pilots Buggy driving and Kite flying.

Please, look at the picture attached! Jose Luis looks like Vick Morrow, the actor starring in the “Combat” TV series, a long time ago. Do you remember “Sergeant Sanders”?

Guillermo Fernández, the other Alto Vuelo partner and his friends from the Kite Sur group raced their Buggies, showing their skills. Not so far from them, other people were flying a variety of kites like Stunt Kites, Quad Lines, NASAs, and Foils, while others practiced Kite Boarding jumping. Try to picture the sky covered by lots of different Kites flying together at the same time.

By the way, did you remember my article “Wind Party in Buenos Aires” in Kitelife, Issue 40? Believe me, you could feel the same energy, spirit and atmosphere that occurred at “Wind Party.” I felt like I was immersed in a “Piece of Art” that made a marvelous harmony of sea sounds and color. Also, the weather was absolutely wonderful. We were lucky because it was an autumn day, 26 centigrade degrees, wind blowing from NE at 15 knots and low tide.

By sunset, the new Pilots already had the basic techniques and maneuvers necessary to drive a Buggy, so we went to the Hotel to get ready for dinner and celebrate the good sports day. About 10 pm., we went to a restaurant to have a delicious dinner and made a toast to Friendship. After some drinking… only a little… and lot of socializing we decided to get some shut-eye.

On Sunday, near 10 am, we went to the arena to continue practicing Kite Buggy, Free Style, Team, Multiple Kites and Power Kites. Our children performed Buggying “their way,” and beginner pilots ran in a special circuit managing very well. WOW!

Finally, we finished the weekend very exhausted, but we get lots of “Kite Energy” that makes miracles.

I want to thank to Kitelife for the opportunity to publish this article. In addition, I hope you all have the chance to visit our Country, Argentina, soon.

Best Wishes,

Gustavo Di Si