Issue 43: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here.

I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every one of you to share your thoughts with us… Positive or negative, drop us a line!

John Barresi

Thanks for an excellent site!  Being a stay at home with the kids kite widow – ex team flyer, I’ve felt rather left out of things – until eventually I discovered your site!

It’s almost as though I were at the WSKC competition – well not quite, but with a baby and a toddler I think reading about it from home and seeing photos of my friends is in fact ideal!

Cheers Zoë

(Team Flame person – kind of on extended maternity leave but I can’t imagine having time to get back into it within the next 15 years…)

Glad to hear our daily updates hit home for you Zoë, that’s what it is all about… Making it possible for fliers worldwide to vicariously participate in a number of cool events every year that they might ordinarily miss.

We’re pleased to be of service!

Nice to find your web site. I have been flying fighter kites ( on and off ) since the early seventies when Dinish Bahadur taught me to fly them in San Francisco.

Decided to build kites of my own and will probably use the Bruce Lambert design.  Never thought I’d find such a good article on the subject. Now that I have been exposed to the adjustable front bridle loop, I can understand why it was so hard to tune the other kites I have made in the past.

Allen Killfoile

Thank you Allen… Although my own background comes from the sport kite scene, we always try to provide resources and information from every walk of kiting possible. As for Bruce, we couldn’t ask for a better contributor from the fighter kite community, and hope to feature more of his work in the near future.

I want to thank you for your excellent work done at during the WSKC 2005!

We could follow the event with many details, great job. Hope you have had a few normal nights since then 😉

l’Atelier Webmaster

From webmaster to webmaster, I take that as a real compliment… It was my goal to allow fliers and family all over the world to follow their teams as the event progressed, and we’re very pleased with how it all turned out.

A great deal of credit goes to my assistant editor, who did a healthy share of the work… His editorial skills proved to be quite invaluable.