Issue 44: Collingwood Kite Festival

This was my 8th year to Edmonton and just like the Children of the Wind kite festival in Pincher Creek both are uniquely Canadian and very family oriented kite festivals. This festival also coincides with Labour so actually it is a three day kite festival with the 3rd day being a fun fly all the kite flyers get together for a great day of flying. Each and every flyer can do their own thing in their own sweet time, plus it’s a great way to share all their different ideas in kite making etc.

Collingwood is a community of Edmonton, which is only a short drive to downtown Edmonton; this is also Alberta’s 100th birthday so there were a lot of reasons to celebrate this weekend.

Edmonton is not only famous for having the biggest Mall on this planet but it is also known as the City of Champions including Canada’s national sport Hockey.

This as always was a super organized kite festival, there was something for all ages, kite flyers came from wide and far including Manitoba, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary, BC. The festival included not only kite flying, but kite making which is always fun for children and adults alike. There was also face painting, a balloon artist who was very amazing in his artistry, clown and mascots to amuse the children, two huge inflatable play castles which is a great way for all the children to get rid of their excess energy. Its also a great way for the mothers and fathers to sit back and relax while the nippers are jumping their hearts out.

And for the adults there was kite flying and for those that had no idea which end of the kite was up there were hands on lessons, and for those who just wanted to sit and relax there were kite demonstrations or they could just sit back and relax and listen to the music from the entertainment stage by the local Disk Jockey Mauricio. He sang to the music a few times but this is one of the real benefits of being deaf :-).

Bud Taylor the owner of Kite Guys Kite Shop from Airdre Alberta as always did a great job in fixing and doing minor repairs, to the children’s and adult kites. “Good Stuff Bud”.

The thing that stopped this festival from being near perfect was the wind which was up and down for both days. It was also over cast it also included a couple of light showers during part of the 2nd day, but this did not stop the kite flyers from entertaining the crowds who by the way, did not seem to notice that we were having wind problems.

I have heard this so many times from all around the world after a festival where conditions were not that favorable at whoever and wherever kite festival, “Man, you should have been here the day after”. It was proven again this time because on the day after the festival the sun shone all day and we had great wind for the fun fly every one had a ball, which is a great way to finish off any kite festival.

I’d like to thank the sponsor, The Collinwood – Lymburn Community League for a great kite festival and inviting me once again, I like to thank and take my hat off to all the wonderful volunteers who once again did a fantastic job off helping out where and when it was needed, as I have said many times they are the back bone, a festival could never be a success with out them.

I like also to thank the festival organizer Ken Mueller and his lovely wife Sonja for not only taking good care of me but also for letting me share their home, thank you both you friendship and hospitality I really enjoyed my stay with you.

Thank you for listening,

Ray Bethell