Issue 44: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here.

I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every one of you to share your thoughts with us… Positive or negative, drop us a line!

John Barresi

Editor’s Note:  A couple of weeks after receiving the following email, we were able to increase our server resources by three-fold… With this in mind, we don’t expect to be locking up the video section any time soon unless there is an amazing surge in visitorship and downloads.

From Tim (UK):

Good grief.  So a friend has posted a link to your video page on a forum, and now I find that in order to download a video clip it will cost me 3 bucks, because of the time of month?

Greetings Tim… I do regret that you’re upset, but locking down the videos for 1-2 weeks out of the month is a small price to pay so that ANYONE (subscriber or not) can view them for the other 2-3 weeks at no charge.

Kitelife is a really small organization, run single-handedly for the most part (out of my basement) with volunteer help from wherever we can get it.

That really is tight.  Many many sites host content (images and video) for free in this day and age.

Again, we’re a little spot on the web… If we left the video section open full-time, we’d often be seeing 500GB or more of bandwidth usage.

Using a server from a reliable and responsive data center, that’s no cheap undertaking!

I don’t want to help you “push the envelope” (not now anyway), I don’t want three raffle tickets, I just want to download a video clip.

That’s okay by us… The subscription thing is voluntary, and I have to stress again… Everything is free and accessible to all for a solid portion of every month.

In our humble opinion, it sure beats not having any of these historic videos, ezine issues or out of print mags available to the world. 🙂

If you can’t afford to host a website that people might visit, perhaps you should stop trying.

We host the largest competition video archive on the world wide web, and are the ONLY organization anywhere that has taken an active role in securing permission to republish premium out of print kite magazines in PDF for the world to read… There are between 40,000-50,000 visitors per month that would definitely miss the content which is available to them without obligation, provided they can wait a week or two if we’re locked up.    

I am a keen kiter and this is my first visit to your site.  I won’t bother again.

I understand you’re frustrated at not being able to view the video(s) at the moment, but you’re more than welcome to check ’em all out on the 1st of the month.

Sincerely, best of winds to you… Even if you don’t subscribe or contribute in any way, I do hope you can enjoy what we have on the site. 🙂