Issue 45: Sweet Kite Poetry


Breezes riffle soothingly —
Through my hair, across my skin.
Soft sand beneath my sandaled feet,
Warmth that seeps into my bones.

Puffy clouds adorn the sky,
Glistening sun upon the waves,
No limits to the air and sea,
Promise of infinity.

I smell the salt, and something else.
It’s taste, so fresh, so tantalizing.
I hear the surf, and gulls, and more
A perfect day; a perfect beach.

And yet, I cannot simply be,
I need a kite string in my hands.
To help my earthbound body find,
A way to leave mundane behind.

Becoming one with air and sun
By letting my cares and my chores unwind.
Just floating along on capricious winds.
Committing to forces I can’t control.

Attaining the freedom of unfettered sky,
No more limits, or rules, no more poisonous dross.
Now releasing my body, my mind, and my soul,
Just my essence left soaring to join with the stars.

© 2005 Glenda L. Kleppin

Let Us Make Peace on Earth

Fill the sky with kites
No room for planes or bombs
Rid the sky of terror
And leave no room for strife.

Beauty to replace
The monster tools of war
World Peace to draw us all
Within it’s loving arms.

Fill the sky with kites
Don’t hesitate or wait
We need their shining shapes
To show the joys of peace.

One sky, one world, one peace
There is no other way
We need to redirect
Our efforts, money, thoughts.

Fill the sky with kites
Lift all eyes to the skies
Not with fear or horror–
With joyful expectation.

Fill your hearts with love
No room for anger, hate.
Make the world a safer place–
And fill the sky with kites!

© 2005 Glenda L. Kleppin

For Beautiful and Spacious Skies

You ask me why I fly my kites
I only have to say
It keeps me young and makes me smile,
And gives perspective to my day.

The world is filled with scary things
The news is filled with woe,
My mind gets cluttered, boggled, fried,
And that is why I go —

To the beach to fly my kites
Where the air is clean
Sounds of children’s laughter
To ponder in my dreams.

In beauty I surround myself,
It seeps into my soul.
Creating beauty in the sky
Becomes my newfound goal.

Time and wind and surf and sun
A healing, natural blend,
They cleanse my heart, my mind, my soul
My life is on the mend.

© 2005 Glenda L. Kleppin

Kite Artists

Drawing pictures in the sky
With our kites that soar so high.

Kites that are expertly made,
Quilted, painted, appliqued.

Rainbow colors, that we mix,
Give us our creative fix.

Gleaming diamonds, stacked in rows
Straining skyward from our toes.

Box kites, deltas, parafoils
Flown from strings all wound in coils.

Codys, sodes, Eddys, sleds
Kites that look like flying beds.

Della Portas, rollers, bugs
Do I see some flying rugs?

Rokkakus and fighter kites
Battle, giving great delights.

Banners flutter, ground art twirls
As our kiting day unfurls.

Festivals throughout the year,
Help complete a kiter’s cheer.

© 2005 Glenda L. Kleppin