Issue 47: From the Editor

The 2006 kiting season is off to a running start with summer fast approaching, and we’re having a ball bringing the latest news, reviews, highlights, reports, interviews and photos to you from as many places as possible through the extensive pages of Kitelife Magazine… With 31 kite festivals and competitions on our tour schedule this calendar year, it’s by far our busiest year to date.

As the year progresses, you can expect to see the contents of our subscribers area and video section expanded significantly.  It’s tough to find content for these during the off-season, so prime time for this is generally between the months of May and September… Keep an eye out for new additions, coming soon!

For all you kite history enthusiasts, our archival of Kite Lines magazine continues with volume 7 having been added on March 1st… With a grand total of 13 volumes in the Kite Lines collection, we’re over half way done with this project and we’ll keep adding a new volume on the first day of every odd-numbered month.

As always, I strongly encourage you to consider becoming an official subscriber to Kitelife if you haven’t already… Aside from the satisfaction gained from supporting a service such as ours, you’ll also receive automatic entry into monthly prize drawings, 100MB of storage in our photo galleries, access to our subscriber’s section featuring exclusive video and photos not found in our regular pages, as well as a few other perks… If you find yourself visiting our site more than once a month, please, sign up today!

Congratulations to our April winner in the Subscriber drawings, two brand new UFOs from Revolution are going home with subscriber #85, Paul Goodrich from Clackamas, Oregon… Thanks for your support Paul.

Our next prize is set to be drawn for one of our subscribers on May 5th… A brand new Freestylist from Skyburner Kites, valued at roughly $150, this kite is a very worthwhile addition to anyone’s kite bag – get your entry in now!

I’ll be in Berck sur Mer (France) as a judge April 6th through the 17th, bringing you daily updates from the World Sport Kite Championships, then it’s on to Weifang China from April 18th to the 26th as Chief Judge at their International Sport Kite Championships… This puts me out of country for roughly 22 days counting travel, email access will be intermittent and I won’t have access to my phone, so please be patient with my response time during those dates.

Cordially yours,

John Barresi
Kitelife Magazine

Next Prize Drawing to be held soon!