Issue 48: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here.

I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every one of you to share your thoughts with us… Positive or negative, drop us a line!

John Barresi

I like looking at all the pictures of kite festivals. But often I wish I could see them, in person, and meet and talk to the flyers, pro and amateur. But I never know about them until after they are all finished. Would it be possible or practical for Kitelife to list up-coming festivals, big and small, from all over?

I would like to be able to look down the list and dream and make plans about which ones I can attend.

I can’t imagine that the promoters would be shy about providing all their relevant information either.

Jim Connelly

Matter of fact, we DO list upcoming events from as many places as we can get info… Scroll near the bottom of each issue’s index page.

We started this with Issue 35, Mar/Apr 2005… There is also a regular article which has links to various event calendars.

You’d be surprised Jim… Contrary to common sense, promoters often do not take the time to do something as simple as a press release… It’s pretty widely known that we offer FREE “pre-event” reports for festivals, but a small percentage take us up on it.

We only ask for 600 words or more (pretty small), with basic info, schedule if possible, directions, local interests, lodging info and details on any registration costs… We also solicit 6-12 photos whenever they’re available.

If you talk to any promoters who aren’t listed in Kitelife’s pre-event section, give ’em heck for me, eh?

Dear John,

Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your coverage from the World Championships in France. It was wonderful to keep up with the daily events rather than waiting until it was all over and just hearing about it by word of mouth. We are on your website so often and love it.

Best wishes,

Fred & Kay Ogle
Subscriber #187

Thank you kindly Fred and Kay! We do what we can to bring the “world” events to those who cannot attend as regularly as possible… Generally, we do the Kite Trade Association show in January, the World Sport Kite Championships in April, WSIKF in August and the AKA Grand Nationals in October.

Sometimes we add more, and every now and then we’ll miss one… But, the daily updates are one of our favorite things to do and we’ll keep it up as often as possible.