Issue 49: Flying in Patagonia

Patagonia Argentina, magic land, nature in pure state where the great Dinosaurs inhabited million years ago, summoned us to practice of acrobatic kite flying.

This land offers us a wide range of recreational opportunities to enjoy in family. Great forests, mountain, plateaus, cliffs, beaches, sea, native flora and fauna, are different landscapes can be found over there and bring to the visitor an opportunity to enjoy adventure tourism.

Looking at the surrounding archaeological remains; we can feel that dinosaurs are watching us. Do not believe me? Watch at the pictures my friend Polo Madueño took during my flights of Multiple Sport Kite.

Why we went to fly to the Patagonia?

The Municipality of Comodoro Rivadavia, summoned Alto Vuelo kite factory and members of BaToCo Club to organize and promote kite flying.

The “Sub-Secretaría de Gestión del Plan Estratégico”, depending from the Municipality, make a program which objective was to take advantage or wind in different ways: i.e. productive, recreational, sport and tourist.

On the recreational and sportive hand, the first goal is to organize the First International Patagonian Kites Festival, which will take place on December 9 and 10. Pilots from Chubut, Rio Negro, Buenos Aires Province, DC and other Countries have already confirmed their assistance, if you are interested in participate, please contact: Architect Polo Madueño: or

Comodoro Rivadavia characteristics and geographic location:

Comodoro Rivadavia in the biggest city of the Chubut Province framed by beautiful landscape that combines plateaus and hills next to the beaches bathed by the Argentine sea, San Jorge Gulf.
It is located at 61 metres on the level of sea, to 45º 47́ South latitude and 67º 30́ West longitude.

As a reference, it is 1850 kilometres south way far from DC. It is the most important City of southern Patagonia, by its commercial and productive activity. It was founded on February 1901 by Italian immigrant Francesco Pietrobelli. Nowadays it has approximately 280.000 residents. The “Chenque” hill of 212 metres height, offers a spectacular panorama of the City and the Argentine sea.

Its weather is dry, summer temperatures, from December to March, goes, on average, between 13º to 24º centigrade. The wind blows at 32 kilometres per hour, in average, predominating that coming from West quadrant. The original settler called the wind “Koshkil”. Thanks to “Koshkil” the present windmills, more than 26, generate non-polluting and renewable Aeolian energy for the whole City. We hope that “Koshkil”, helps us to enjoy the acrobatic kite flying, buggy and sail car forever.

Specially, Comodoro Rivadavia will be the host city of the next 11º World-wide Championship of Sail Car 2008, which will take place at “Rada Tilly” beach. (further information available on this site. We will be there too, in that Mega Festival.

Nowadays, we are making this activities:

We are participating as advisors and giving training programs. We are helped by the media that makes people know and get their interest in kite flying
Luckily, it works perfectly! Lot of people were participating in teaching flight, making kites, mainly organized by “Anahi” Foundation.

There were other activities that generate special interest and expectation like Freestyle, Multiple Kite Flying, Indoor and Buggy demonstrations that we make.

Dear Kitelife reader, have you ever flown on Dinosaurs land? Have you had that privilege? If your answer is no, I invite you to enjoy an astonishing experience flying kites on this land…you cannot loose it. So, feel something different, do something different an you will be different….

See you soon,

Gustavo Di Si