Issue 49: Letters to the Editor

Although we get only the occasional “letter to Kitelife”, we’re always happy to receive them and share in this section of each issue.

Your feedback is very important, as it gives us the best input on ways to improve, streamline or expand… Something we’re always trying to do.

Consider this a personal invitation to write us, negative or positive, we want to hear about it… Just click on my name below, and don’t hold back!

John Barresi

Didn’t know about the “Kitelifers” site… Guess I haven’t been keeping up with things.  Downloaded some of the video, VERY NICE!!!  GREAT work on the website dude!!!

Good to hear that you’ve a new computer & that things are back to ‘normal’.  HATE being without my own for even a few days (arrghh!!!!), so I can imagine what you were going through…

Been checking out the KiteLife site quite a bit lately.  Downloaded all the old SKQ & KiteLines issues for safekeeping.  Also have been making use of the Classifieds section.

Enjoyed reading Grant’s update on the Great Lakes Kite Festival – Grand Haven.

Jeff Hale
Subscriber #57

Hi Jeff, I’m glad you’re enjoying the new subscribers section – we put a lot of time into it, especially with adding the iPod and larger resolution videos (720×480)… Thanks for being a subscriber!