Issue 51: Painting Rosario Sky

Rosario City is located 300 kilometres from DC to the North and it was built beside the Paraná River. Without a doubt this is the most important City in Santa Fe Province and it is famous for its Flag Historical Monument – opened on June 20th 1957.

To your information our National Hero Manuel Belgrano created the Argentinean Flag on February 27th 1812.

In this City took place this Festival and I would like to share with you what happened there on September 15 to 17.

In advance we have enjoyed this Festival at Scalabrini Ortiz Park since 2001, which has 8-hectare of surface.

Step by step the Festival has importance since that time. Specially, this edition was outstanding because it was a beautiful springtime day, lot of people come to participate and the organizers received us with great hospitality.

Ariel Carnevalli, Mundo Hobby’s owner was the Organizer and the Municipality of Rosario, BaToCo Club and Alto Vuelo kite factory support him.

Apart from this, nowadays we have 2 important Festivals in our Country:

Wind Party in Buenos Aires
Patagonia International Kite Festival

Those have their own style and particular characteristics. Maybe Painting Rosario Sky is just a little different.

Why? Because of the Great Audience! I would like to emphasise the importance of this point. In this 6th Edition more than 45.000 people followed demonstrations and flew their kites during 3 days. WOW! Really amazing, isn’t it.

The success is due to Ariel had been working since 2001 tireless. Great job Ariel! Go Ahead!

John Barresi told me that our festivals reminded him kiting in the USA during the late 80s and early 90s, based on the photos and reports he’d seen. I had no chance to enjoy USA kite Festivals yet, but this family orient Festivals works perfectly in our Country.

Maybe you are wondering why?

As you know this sport is relatively new in Argentina and I think that our people are eager to participate.
Maybe another reason it would be, the different lifestyle between people that live in our Provinces and those from DC. One detail is enough to understand what I am trying to say.

Pay attention on walking people manner, you can see that the most people Province walking unworried, with easy manner and sometimes looking at the sky.
Ariel Carnevalli told me: “In the Province we have time to do everything. We love to enjoy life.

articularly about kites…their lines represent the link with grandpas, fathers, children, grandson, great grandson and so ongoing in the same way”.

That happens in Rosario and makes the difference!
Therefore, the “great kite family” are available to join efforts working all the time to improve Festivals, despite the audience that could be different.
If you think that is time to revive old times, you only have to share our Festival style with us. So guys came to have a look and enjoy it!

What did we do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Festival?

We were very lucky because the wind blew 15 kilometres / our in average from North all the time so we could put everything in the sky. In this opportunity I prefer describing the activities with these pictures. LOOK!

Activities Summary

Free kite-building workshops, where the adults and their bellowed kids could share the creative labour of building, decorating and flying their kites… Also, demonstration 2 lines and Quad lines.

Free Style 2 lines Cup Competition

  1. Ezequiel Fernandez
  2. Rodrigo Posada
  3. Federico Polizzotto
  4. LAlo Loescher
  5. Guillermo Perocco
  6. Dardo Tacconi
  7. Alberto Velazquez
  8. Héctor Cesaretti
  9. José Luis Baldesari
  10. Guillermo Fernández
  11. Pablo Macchiavello

Rokaku Battles, 4 rounds each day in real competitive spirit… Kite exhibition, where many participants showed their creations along the field, and others flew Patriotic Kites.

Aerial Photography…

Big kites…

Team and pares demonstration – Contra Viento Team from Rosario, El Fabuloso Team, Team Tropita and Pares Dispar from Buenos Aires…

Multiple Sport Kite Flying – Pilot of the Soul (3 kites) and the beginner pilot from Rosario Mr. Dardo Tacconi (2 kites). Performed individual and team demonstration – 2 pilots 5 kites…

Kite Buggy, Kite boarding and Parachuting…

I assure you that we finished very exhausted. WOW!
At the end of the journey I said to Ariel that if we could mix Rosario’s audience and our Children Park DC Arena, we’d assure a great success!

Eventually, I think that it was definitely a memorable Festival where we could paint Rosario sky with different colours.

   See you ,

   Gustavo Di Si