Issue 56: Lets Paint Rosarios Sky

VII Let’s Paint Rosario’s Sky Festival
Rosario – Santa Fe Province – Argentina 2007

August 18 to 19, was when we enjoyed “Let́s paint Rosario Sky” Festival; and, believe me, we painted it with a huge colourful kites flying.

The great kite family is always ready to join efforts working hard to improve this important Festival. And, despite the weather was no so good, (just a little cold, sometimes rainy and the blustery wind blew from E – ESE), this time was not the exception.

The same as years before, BaToCo, “Contra Viento” and Alto Vuelo supported it. An intense schedule was programmed for Saturday and Sunday. That put all of us to fly kites all the time, click here to read about this event in 2006 .

We had schools and neighbours workshops, demonstrations and shows, recreational flying, rokaku battles, kite exhibition, big kites flying, patriotic kites, aerial photo, dinner with friends, recognitions awards and so on. Wow!

In fact I finished the Festival really happy and very exhausted…even while reading the activities we’ve done.

At this opportunity Ariel surprised us all inviting Pete Dolphin to share Rosario Festival with us.

Pete flew his big kites (Octopus, Ray, Trilobite and so on) and helps us to improve giant kites flying and craftsman techniques. Great professional job Pete, Thanks!

OK! Let’s go on Rosario activities. I arrived to Rosario on Friday night by my car because it is very near from Buenos Aires, just 300 km northway. This time my trip was very special, because my friend Polo Madueño came with me. You know that guy, he was the of Patagonia International Kite Festival on December 2006– Comodoro Rivadavia – Chubut Province – organizer.

Well, I told you that my trip was very special because one of Polo’s skills is Origami expert handcraft – A genius to me – who teaches us lot of techniques to do Origami. Wow!

My children were fascinated with him… Because he was as patient with them as my grandfather used to be with me long time ago….

On Saturday we woke up very early for breakfast and we went to the arena about 9 AM. I found various tents, kite corrals, several banners and an excellent sound system including a raised stage. Picture 6

My funny role was fly Multiple Kite, Quad, chatter, takes notes and pictures to do my report. Also Polo helped me chatted with people and took excellent pictures.

The arena was divided one for big and single line and another for acrobatics kites. About 1 PM take Kite Time. Opening the Festival we could see The Patriotic Kites dancing during “Aurora” song performance.

After that, the field schedule called me to open acrobatic demos by Multiple Kite. In this opportunity I flew a routine that mix of single Quad and Multiple Dual. The routine called “The Flight of Condor”. It was very funny because, during the demo, when I tried to switch Quad by Multiple Kite, the wind made a joke. Please watch the video and see what happened

After that, I run to take my camera and filmed Team Dispar to a FreeStyle demo. – Rodrigo Posado and Federico Polizzotto… Good Job!

While giant kites continued flying all the time…

Another demo was preparing on the arena: “Los Magnificos Revoltosos”, Quad line by Hector Cesaretti, Pablo Macchiavello, Roberto Cassanello and myself. I hope that next time some pilots from Rosario can to fly with us.

Following demos, one of the hits of the afternoon was Contra Viento Team – Ariel Carnevalli – Guillermo Percoco – Dardo Tacconi – Gustavo Zarate – from Rosario, they flew an excellent routine.
Then on the one line kites arena…Rokaku Battle was coming…Pilots from Rosario and Buenos Aries flew peacefully waiting with their Rokakus ready to start “The Fame” in a few moments. Very funny!

After the Rokaku Battles, I run beside the arena to take pictures to a new team formed in our Country. Fernandez Family is flying together and formed “Freaks Team”. Followed by kite trains demo, single Quad, did it in an enthusiast kite-mate.

Particularly, an important artist from Rosario Mr. Fernando Atilio Traverso was invited to fly particular kites constructed by some of BaToCo members. The bike on kites represented “The Disappeareds” from military dictatorship in our country. The bike draw design is similar to Atilio’s original draw.

I would like to emphasize that 50 Eddys arch was making by BaToCo members representing year by year the 50th anniversary of Argentina’s International Flag Monument. On that Eddys the audience could write their main memories year by year. Great memories were written there!

About 5PM was time to go to the hotel, have a shower, take a little rest and then dinnertime. It was a lovely evening, good friends, good kites, good dinner, good time.

Sunday broke into a rainy day, the wind blew from the blustery E- ESE, and all pilots went to the arena expecting that the weather changed at any time. We had luck after midday because the rain stopped. Immediately all of us took off the kites and painted Rosario sky again.

Because I had to return to Buenos Aires on Sunday night, I went about 4 PM. It was very calm; all of us were exhausted, so not Origami in family… only Polo did it some…Fanatic Hu! During the return trip we were talking about what an amazing Festival we had just experienced!

Your know, Let’s Paint Rosario’s Sky is an important Festival for us, and I know that Ariel Carnevalli goes ahead organizing historically. My opinion is that not only the history says much, the facts and job about him says much… I guess that one of the Ariel’s dreams is that Rosario becomes on seat of the World Championship Kite Team in a near future. Wow! Great dream! Great thoughts!

Well Ariel, I’m really sure that the dream will came true…go ahead, keep on working! As you know, I was sending articles and event reports of our activities from Argentina to Kitelife since some time ago. So, when John and Dave visited Argentina last December 2006, I preferred that they write the report because I needed to show a different point of view about us.

Dave wrote in this article about my previous: …“We have been enthralled with every one”… It’s an honour for me to know what they think about our job, in any case the truth was that they decided to have newer adventures on our land… and decided to come…and participate in Buenos Aires Wind Party Festival…

In others paragraph said that they found not only a bunch of friends of enthusiast or fanatics kite-mates who wish to improve this sport in the land, they found a warm group, a great hospitality, a great fields to fly, a great friendship and an spontaneous kite – family.

I think that Pete found the same family characteristics as Dave and John in Buenos Aires and… I’ll tell you why? Because is a big family that do a respectful and serious team work.

The test: John and Dave will come this year again to 4th Edition to The Wind Party in Buenos Aires – November 24 to 25…and Mr. Nelson Borrelli too. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Eventually, first John and Dave visited our Country, now Pete at Rosario and next November John, Dave and Nelson Borrelli came to Argentina. Good Stuff!

Who next! Come on guys, what are you waiting for!

Thanks Kitelife for the opportunity to publish my article.

The Best,

Gustavo Di Si