Issue 59: Revolution Indoor Trains

I would like to share with you some experiences flying Revolution Indoor stacking.

This article is about some tips to consider when we do that practice. I don’t have the intention to explain how to fly Revolution Indoor, or how to apply some fly techniques windless indoor. I assume that those who want to fly stacking kites, know how to fly quad lines and if you don’t, I should recommend reading this articles about:
Look, some days ago, I uploaded on my site this video: – Part I & II

And I received some comments from kite-mates about it, So I suppose that it could be useful to share some tips.

At that time during my practice of windless indoor, I wanted to fly Revolution Indoor trains, so I got my second staking both.
At the beginning, with two kites, I practiced different from take off (3D / standing / ground and reverse launch) paying particularly attention on the second kite stacked.

On a second step, I practiced some maneuvers like:  fly forward and backward, turns, pull to catch, 3D over the head, forward and reverse up and over, passing ground and so forth. Because it was so, so, so funny flying in that way I added my third Revolution Indoor, practicing the same exercises of flight. After 3 hours flying in that way, I decided to add the last one, the fourth…!

I have to confess that I had some problems trying to do 3D launch with four kites. So, in order to avoid breaking frames, I decide to lay the kites on the wall and take off in that way.

Maybe you are interested in some tips like: take off, length lines, tuning, maneuvers, feelings and so on.

Ok here we are:
I should recommend fly stacking Revolution Indoor by LPG 90lb.
Length line from original Revolution handles to first kite, 4,50 metres. (15ft)

Length lines between kites 1 metre long. (3,30ft)

Tuning handles

How to stack lines on kites

You can fly with The Advantage 1.5 or the new one anyway. Oh! Yes, I almost forgot, all kites the same frame.

Take off 4 kites:
It’s important to take kite-tempo because the kites take off one at the time in logical sequence. Have you got enough space? …reverse take off is OK.

Not enough, lay kites on the wall or a support behind them.

…Or maybe tell a friend assistant to launch.

Advanced flyers, stand kites together on equilibrium, after that walk or run to the opposite and launch.

Remember, lines tight during the flight to keep the control, eventually fly precisely and fix your eyes on the last kite stacked because if you make any mistake they could be collapsed.

Feelings in fly:
Have you ever driven a Train like an engine driver? Have you ever felt the power in your veins? Have your ever felt the wind from a soul? Would you like to do that?

Ok guys, stack 4 Revolution Indoor and tell me after that…Wow!

I invite you to leave comments on KiteLife forum or to send me an email directly, by clicking my name below.

Good relative winds,

Gustavo Di Si