Issue 62: Empty Spaces: Sharon Torres

Sharon Torres – 6/26/47 to 7/31/08

This summer the beach skies are missing one kite. Sharon Torres past at her home in Ocean Shores, WA. She enjoyed lots of wind toys. She flew Rev Kites, duals, power kites to pull her buggy, and she enjoyed her Marta landsailer.

Sharon was a loving wife, mother and grandmother to Mark and her 3 sons, Kevin, Butch and Jon. She was a regular at WISKF and other festivals across Washington.

Sharon enjoyed sharing kite stores at the campsite fires that followed a wind day at the bach. Her long wavy red hair and smiling face will be missed by all.

Good-bye Sharon, you will be missed and loved.


Penny Lingenfelter

Back when I started flying Revs here in Vancouver, there wasn’t many Rev flyers around. I was in Vanier Park, surrounded by dual line flyers. But, the first WSIKF I went to (1998) I met both Sharon and Penny and they were a huge help and both became very good friends. It was Sharon who rescued me one WSIKF when I proudly showed up with a brand new tent, that had no poles and she remained a good friend for a long time. I’d usually camp amongst the Washington kite flyers at the Wildwood campgrounds and ah, the fun we had, it was always a fantastic time. She’s taught COUNTLESS northwest Rev pilots over the years at WSIKF on the Revolution teaching fields. I hadn’t seen her in a few years as I’d been away from kite festivals in general but, just last year, I saw her at WSIKF again and we had a wonderful talk on where life had led us. I’ll miss Sharon deeply, you couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Below is a picture from one of those WSIKFs :

Bye Sharon, and thanks for everything,

David Hathaway