Issue 63: Lincoln City Fall Fest

This is an event I look forward to year after year, the reception from the entire city is just spectacular. I’ve been attending both the spring and fall festivals at Lincoln city for quite awhile now, and it also so happens to be the very first festival where I was able to perform a demo. I only had 3 days to recover from my last journey but it was alright, I was more than ready. I started to pack the usual things I typically expect to use when going to the fall festival; boots, shoes, 2 pairs of jeans, rain pants, 10 pairs of socks, several shirts, a couple sweatshirts, jacket, beanie, gloves, and sunglasses just incase. Ok, I exaggerate a little bit, but I was packed and ready to go!

The trek to Lincoln city isn’t very bad for me. It typically takes around 5 hours so I slept in, had a good breakfast, and was on the road by noon. Unfortunately I had woken up with a small cold which haunted me the entire weekend, nothing life threatening, but it sure made things less than ideal. The drive over was very uneventful, just me and my trusty radio. I pulled into the parking lot at the D-river wayside, and said hello to the other flyers setting up the canopies for the sound system. None of my team had shown up yet so I surveyed the conditions, bright blue sky, decently warm, was I in the right place? Then I saw that little river trying to cut through the field, yes I was in Lincoln City, and I was in for one fun weekend.

The rest of my team soon arrived and we headed out for the dinner/welcome party at the visitor center. It was fantastic, the room had a beautiful view of the city and the food was excellent. Some of us tried our had at flicking playing cards only to create a big mess for ourselves to clean up. At the end of the night when everybody was leaving to their hotels Adrian had an urge to go bowling so Adrian, Amanda, Mike, and I all headed down to the local bowling alley and played a couple frames with the neon lights and disco balls spinning. It was great, but sadly had to end and we all turned in for the night.

I woke up Saturday a little sore from the previous night, apparently when I throw a bowling ball i don’t mess around. The weather sure looked promising though, and when we all arrived at the field we couldn’t believe how nice it was. Beautiful blue sky and a bright shining sun, you couldn’t keep us from flying if you tried. Instead of setting up in the field the team and I decided to do what we usually do and set up on the other side of the field so that we can play in the water (we like water). The winds were typical for Lincoln City, very light in the morning heading out to sea until around 11 o’clock. Then BOOM! 180 degree shift and solid 15mph off the ocean all day. We cracked out our vented 1.5’s and had some of the best flying in a long time.

Soon everything was in the air. I saw an octopus or two flying near the crowd, Lam slamming around his Fearless, lots of people flying Rev’s in the distance, there was quite a display going on. Crows of people came one after the other. The parking lot was packed full in no time but somehow people just kept coming. A lot of the families that showed up didn’t just hang out for a couple hours, they stayed for the entire day. There was no way to avoid it, with perfect weather like this and so many great kites in the air it was impossible to turn away. Several demos were performed by the flyers, and I believe a couple were first time performers, which was great to see. That night we attended a nice banquet at the local casino, and afterwards we walked around the floor a bit, at least until they discovered my age and kindly escorted me out. That’s alright, next year will be better.

Sadly when I woke up the next morning I had to realize that this was the last day of this festival, and this is my last festival of the year. Luckily when I stepped outside I knew I was going to end my season right. The weather could have been even better than the day before if it was possible. Same routine as the last day, go fly! The wind was silky smooth coming off the water about 12-15mph and it never changed. Not one kite on the field had any trouble staying in the air and everybody you looked at had a smile stuck on their face. What a great way to end the season. I want to thank everyone from the Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau who makes this event possible again and again, as well as all my friends who make it out to perform and show off their beautiful kites.

Until next time…

JD *Fabulous* Fabich