Issue 64: Let’s Paint Rosario’s Sky

Once again Argentinean kite community joined their efforts to make a new edition of Pintemos el cielo de Rosario festival (Let’s paint Rosario’s sky). This time we showed much more to the public and with nicer days on our side (It didn’t happen the same with the wind, which rarely increased to more than 6 km/h but we will talk about this later…), we were able to do a great kite festival. It had varieties of disciplines and a great deployment of skills which entertained the people and improved the level of this year.

This festival took place on September 13th and 14th. On Saturday, the sky was clear – with some clouds – and the temperature was good. All the pilots started their demonstrations and helped each other to make this dream possible. On the beginning of the show, “La Banderola” (a very big flag with the colors of the country, which is about 20 feet wide and 80 or 90 feet long) and a Delta Kite with the colors of the Argentinean flag too, were flown. This was the beginning of the 7th edition of the fist kite festival made in Argentina.

The Saturday night all the pilot enjoyed a nice dinner together where all shared opinions and good energy for the following day.

The second day, which was a nice day too, was where the most part of the public appeared spending a nice time with the pilots and watching the performances. The wind this day was even lower and all the pilots had to make a huge effort to do their performances, which some had to be postponed and other directly called off. But despite these little problems, the festival was great show of the effort and passion that all the pilots put on it.

In no specific order, the activities held were this:

  • Inflables and Giants kites filled the sky of Rosario
  • Traction kites and buggy flight was showed to the public
  • Team flight ballet caught the public attention all the time
  • Multiple kite flying taught the people how hard flying a kite can be
  • The Rokakkus battle was great fun and we saw magnificent creations
  • A little of Windless flight was made when the wind wasn’t enough
  • Windless flight with a stack of Revolution kites
  • Some people shot KAP photos to save a little of the magic in the air
  • Megateams were made at the end of the day and the public loved them

Let’s continue like this Argentina, growing in the development of kite festivals in order that everyone can enjoy it more and more each year!! Thanks to the city of Rosario and the organizers also for letting us do this magnificent experience!!

Now for the interested ones, we give you a more detailed description of the activities made in both days.

Talking about team flying, there were 3 teams who made performances. For two of them it was the first time that they showed their skills to Rosario’s public, who in spite of the no-wind they did really well. They were Alto Vuelo Team and Tensión. So were Freaks Team, a family team (it is made up by all members of the same family), who flew the Ballet Routine flown in the World Sport Kite Championship held in France this year and how didn’t have problems flying their routines. There were moments were the demonstrations had to be called off because of the low wind, but it didn’t affect all the teams. This was one of the most appreciated activities and there were also two megateams during the day, the first one at midday and the other one at the end of the day. There were some of the times of 15 kites in the air (quite a lot for the Argentinean kite community) and every one made a good work despite the little crashes there were. This was one of the funniest and enjoyable activities.

On the other hand we also had Multiple Kite Flying in charged of El Alma del Piloto, Gustavo Di Si. This time he was able to fly 2 kites at the same time delighting the public. We have counted with this performance for a couple of years now. This pilot also flew a Revolution routine at the beginning of his performance and in the moments of 0 wind he flew a stack of Revolution kites. This was the first time that this kind of fly was made at Rosario’s festival.

Also our friends of Batoco flew several kinds of kites, for example Giant Gomberg kites, self-made kites, arcs, and of course “La Banderola”. This is an incredible symbol of our country and always it makes the public get astonished. This people really paint with wonderful colors Rosario’s sky. They also painted Rosario’s sky by flying a Rokkaku battle. There were 2 per day and almost every pilot fight in it. They also tried to fly during the whole day Giant kites for the delight of the public and when the wind made it possible there were several of this on the sky.

The pilots of Rosario also flew stacks and single line kites. Some of them made kap and flew in the megateams too. It was an excellent experience for all of us!! Thank you guys!!

Power kites made their part too. There were demonstrations of buggy, board and jump fly. This activity is growing every year in Argentina and also got the public interest.

It is worth to say that the wind wasn’t the best and because of this all the pilots made a great effort to fly their performances where they did very well despite those conditions. Sometimes the performances were put off due to this, but most of the time we had kites flying on the sky. As you would now, this activity is increasing every year in Argentina and it is mostly because of the great work that pilots made, which was seen in this festival.

Best Regards and Good Winds,

Ezequiel Fernández
Freaks Team