Issue 65: Wind Meter App for iPhone

The introduction of iPhones and similarly powerful handhelds is changing our resources as kitefliers on a daily basis… Out there on the field and getting hungry, order a pizza delivery… Street fying and want to find your next spot, look from above with Google maps… Thought of a song you want on your mp3 list, download it straight through your phone… Broke a spar and need to order, send an email or call from the field… Want to show your buddy a winning ballet, pull up the video… Etc, etc, etc… It just keeps getting better.

The first application to let you measure the wind speed using your iPhone. Know the approximate wind speed between 0 and 28 mph wherever you go!

To use, press the start button. Wait a few seconds. Press stop. The final reading is the average of the period between stop and start, giving you the approximate average wind speed. Point the microphone at the bottom of the iPhone directly into the wind.

Easily convert between mph, kmh, knots, and Beaufort.

This application uses sound conversion to gauge wind velocity. As the wind speed increases, the application converts the louder noise on the microphone into a wind velocity reading.

For precise measurement, a scientific anemometer should be used.

Derive approximate wind velocity for a multitude of recreational uses such as windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, golfing, hunting, kite flying, etc.

This application is not meant to take the place of a scientific anemometer and is for recreational use only.

In our own field tests here at Kitelife, we found that in a relatively consistent wind speed of 3-28 mph, the Wind Meter app was surprisingly accurate.

In more gusty conditions (on the street, etc), we found the accuracy degraded significantly… Also, since this application tries to measure wind speed based on microphone (sound) readings, it’s also susceptible to both ambient noise and any iPhone case which might impede the wind as it flows over the iPhone’s microphone.

All in all, it’s a fun app for only ninety-nine cents… We encourage you to freely share your own experiences with this app, discuss other wind meters, any related technology and usage on the Kitelife Forum.

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Application Requirements:

Compatible with iPhone 2nd generation.
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update

Application Download:

Click here to view application in iTunes.