Issue 66: Multiple Kite Flying (Windless Indoor – Outdoor Part II)

¡More than challenging and funny sport…!

I would like to share with you new experiences about this sport – Multiple Kite Flying Windless Indoor – MKF

Sharing new experiences about Technical issues

Gustavo Di Si – March 2009 – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Did you remember my first article about MKF Windless for two dual line kites?
I really recommend re-reading my previous article about this subject.

This time, I would like to add a new step including tricks like:

  •  Refuelling
  •  Refuelling one hand
  •  Double belly launch or Double Fade.

To do those tricks we need to tune our dual line kites on this way:

Length Lines:
I´ll really recommend using dyneema 90 lbs of 3.50 and 3.00 meters length lines, per each kite.

In order to get the best control and inertia, I place two or three grams ballast at the end of the spine, per kite (for Slender Kites by Barriletes Alar).

Similar to my classic MKF handles, just only a few lightness.

The Tuning:
You have to tune the kites adjusting its bridles. The left kite slower (leader) and the right kite faster (Follower). That is going to be useful when you are going to do a Refuelling.

Ok, kite-mates lets go:


You have to first chose which kite is the leader and which the follower. After that, fix the lines of your kites to the handles. For example: left kite is the leader (3.50 meters length lines) and the other one the follower. (3.00 meters length line)

Remain the kites on the arena and take both handles, to takeoff.  In order to generate enough relative wind walking backwards and launch both kites at the same time (have a look pictures below).

Afterward turn your hands to the left and fly 360º.

Keeps the follower kite´s nose; pointing to the trailing edge to the leader.

So, at that time we are ready to do our first challenging trick;

Refuel Windless. Wow!


Refuelling is one of the tricks that the audience always enjoys…

Imagine Refuelling Windless!

In Refuelling the two are flying forward together without stacking, one to each other.

To do it, we have to increase the speed walking or running.

Doing that, you can see that the follower kite is approaching to the leader. At that time we have to keep the speed moving achieving that the kites fly together.

¡Voila! Refuel


In order to do other interesting tricks, we need to undock the kites.
Are you ready to try undocking?

Slowed our pace and at the same time bring the right arm wich are driving the right kite to your chest, just only a few centemeters. Immediately pop out quickly doing that kite stop for one second. You will see that the follower split of the leader. Great, Undocking!

¡Watch out!  You do not have to stop moving, because you are flying Windless.
Do not forget that practicing is the best way to find the right speed to Refuel and undocking kites.

Refuel one hand:

Yep, you want to do this trick! … lot of practice is needed…
Hey! Pilots, Are you ready to fly and fly and fly and fly? Good, come on!
First step, put your kites in Refuel, like the description above. Afterwards take the handles one hand and fly both kites in Refuel.

My advice is that you have done with your hand that you have the best skills. (right or left)

With practicing you have to try to do it mixing both hands.

Also you can change the fly trajectory on one hand as follows.


Double Belly Launch to Double Fade:

Now we are going to do Double Belly Launch Windless.

What an interesting maneuver!

Put the kites pointing the noses down away, opposite from the pilot position.

Take both handles with your hands and extend the lines tight.

Remember that we have different from length lines.
(3.50 and 3.00 meters each ones)

Both kites have to release in parallel´s wings position. (I mean both leading edges kites in parallel position – see the pictures bellow).

Afterwards walking backwards, sliding the kites on ground. Then increase the speed walking and pop both handles at the same time. (Pancake). After that the kite takes off, so the noses are pointing towards you. Extend the lines over the leading edge leaving the kites floating in that position.

Increase the speed walking in order to gain fly height.

Voila, Double Belly Launch to Double Fade. ¡Great!
Well is time to land our kites…Have a look those pictures!

Finally, I would like to share my last video called: “Step by Step Multiple Kite Windless”. You can watch the tricks described in this article and enjoy the original music called:

  • Yanapaway Yuksimuyta – Uchpa – Quechua Rock & Blues

This band plays Rock music singing in Quechua Language…

My friend kite-mates, I hope that this article it will be useful and challenging.

Author Note: The author does not assume any type of responsibility in the application of this training method; by damages in the materials of flight equipment or those can be caused by pilots during trainees, competitions or recreations flying.


Best Wishes,

Gustavo Di Si