Issue 68: Kites… Life.

Well, I’d like to speak about community, cooperation between the various walks of kiting be it dual, quad, single line, or big show kites… I was fortunate enough to visit Bogota, Colombia with iQuad this past August and was incredibly overwhelmed by the warmth and integration I saw between their various kite clubs and organizations! I’m not sure about other places in Colombia, but the our entire experience in Bogota was top notch, we felt very safe and received one of the warmest welcomes we’ve ever recieved, anywhere.

If you have the opportunity to experience a festival in Bogota, definitely make time as it will be a trip you’ll never forget.

In the meantime, be sure to read Gustavo Di Si’s report from Bogota in this issue, complete with photos and videos for your viewing pleasure!

To Atemoc, Tsaphon and all the other groups who made it such a special trip, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

In this modern age, it’s pretty easy to find and communicate with other kite fliers from all over the globe… In the interest of connecting the various communities, here is a list of some of the most frequently used:

Facebook Pages

Discussion Forums

There are a great many more than the ones listed above, but again, these are some of the best known and most active, certainly among the best possible places to interact with other fliers, find articles, photos and video, pretty much anything you can imagine.

As many of you know, we made some major changes to our forum layout a few weeks back, with some very mixed responses… You may be pleased to know, there are templates under construction which are more similar to the old style forum we had and should create a happy medium between the enhanced functionality of our new forum script and the more efficient layout we used to have.

Stay tuned on our forums for news as it happens, we want your opinions!

Wow, as I write this in the wee hours of October 1st, 2009, it is now a mere 12 days until the love of my life and wife-to-be arrives from Tokyo to live with me here in Portland with wedding plans set for sometime in the middle of November or December and hopefully, an open celebration at one of the early year events like Kite Party.

We’ll be headed to the Cape Fear Kite Festival as a couple in the first week of November, might even fly a pairs routine… Please, be sure to stop Takako and I to say hello, we always love to meet new friends!

Good winds,

John Barresi