Issue 70: News Reel


Kite travel time share: the best of all world’s with a great business model!

Kite-maker Husmizi Ibrahim, is determined to use his skill to help sell Malaysia through his kites.

Imagine having no time or space constraints on your kite flying spree. You are standing on a plateau covered with foliage like velvet; the wind caressing your hair and giving flight to your paper patang.


The Royal Society: Dilettantes to DNA via cuckoos and kites, today begins a celebration of the 350th anniversary.

The 350th anniversary begins today, with the launch of a website where the public can peruse some of the Society’s most important discussions in the august pages of Philosophical Transactions, the oldest continuously published scientific journal in the world. The papers range from Benjamin Franklin’s research on electricity to Stephen Hawking’s on the problems of black holes in space.

1752: Flying a kite in an electrical storm In the mid-18th century, electricity was a largely unknown and mysterious force. Benjamin Franklin showed with the help of a kite that lightning bolts in a storm were in effect electrical discharges that could be collected and channelled, an experiment that was as dangerous as it was insightful. It was a discovery that he put to good effect by designing lightning conductors for churches and tall buildings. Original letter written by Benjamin Franklin:


Grant lets schools try arts-based approach to math: With rulers and bamboo sticks at the ready, Jamie Bennedsen’s seventh-graders at Giaudrone Middle School cut, colored and taped plastic kites Friday morning – for math class.

Kineton High School is the first in the UK to include power kiting in the Phys Ed syllabus individual sport assessment.


The Kites are Flying: An unexpectedly moving story about friendship and hope, is a book written by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Laura.

Flight of Butterfly Kites The occasion was the completion of one of Gloria Stewart’s, from Titanic fame, extraordinary art projects.


The Deep Green technology converts energy from tidal stream flows into electricity using a methodology that’s similar to that of ocean kite surfers.

The Carnegie Institution for Science, together with California State University recently published a study concluding that high-altitude wind-turbine kites might be able to effectively power large cities


Printed kites have been a popular mode of advertising and political propaganda, however, this time the kites will be a constant reminder to the kids to follow prevention towards the disease.

Terrible Kite Accident, unfortunate precedent: a 12 year old boy’s throat was cut by manja in Flushing, Queens as he skateboarded. Family files lawsuit.

For almost the past eighty years he has been flying kites every day.


Cambodia’s kite festival is an opportunity to share traditions with the world.

The clear blue sky above Koh Kong was filled with vibrant fabric.


Shortage of bamboo sticks have lead to a sharp rise in price of kites.

These kite-flying enthusiasts have over the years tied kinna’ (strings tied to kites before flying) to kites before Uttarayan.


People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has asked a senior Madhya Pradesh police officer to ban the manufacturing and use of glass-coated ‘manja’, a string used for kite flying, in the state as many birds die after getting entangled in it.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has advised people not to fly kites with glass-coated manja during the ‘Makar Sankranti’ festival.


The three-hour annular solar eclipse on Friday was expected to play spoilsport for kite-flying enthusiasts in the city.