Issue 77: Windless Indoor Kite Festival 2011

The longest running Indoor Kite Competitions and Performances in the world! (I think. Please let me know if I’m wrong.)

I speak for everyone when I say thank you Scott Davis, Event coordinator and all around nice guy. You ROK!

We truly appreciate all the work you have put into it. As the founder of the event, he and of course Kay Buesing and her wonderful staff and volunteers deserve many thanks. Over the years the World Kite Museum kept a table with information, etc. meeting people at the door. You might find used kites in this area; children kite making, and miniature kite sales.

Manning the door to the gym for all these years, not allowing people to enter while a flyer was performing was usually Ms. Mary, even if she was in a walker or a wheel chair. Who knew this little petite lady had so much kite flying support to give over the last 10 years? We are grateful for all she and the other hard workers out in the foyer have done for us kite fliers while inside the gym ~ is where the magic occurs.

Wonderful kite flyers from all over came out to compete and share their skills.

An article describing the event can be found at:

Lisa Willoughby from New Jersey, Paul DeBakker, Seattle area~ via Holland, Jerry Cannon from Cutting Edge World Championship Winner along with our own North West Group of Top Rated Kite fliers. Amy and Connor Doran performed a pairs Rev routine, inspiring all those who watched. Paul DeBakker and Lisa Willoughby performed a single line pairs routine showing how inspiring just a single line kite can be.

The performances and competitions had the audiences captivated.

I brought out my own Peter Pan “Share Wing” skit for only the 2nd time and some kids from the audience, and special guest flyers, Barbara and Phil Burks and Michael Dirk, had as much fun flying as I did.

You can see the video:

Every time I perform this with an audience, the kids bring so much to it.

Flying as Peter Pan this year is going to revivify me!

We were all so busy at the festival; it was hard to keep up with everything going on. Hot Tricks, (Have you seen colorful Dick Curran 3 footed kite flying, laying on his back and whatever else it might take to try and place at this event?) competitions, demos and a kite skit that included a renegade fairy. Of course there were kite lessons.

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It’s a small gym, but we always find time and space for kite lessons here!
Oh ~ Yeah~~~it was a fun filled weekend and the Grand Finale was AWESOME!

People from the audience picked up their miniature kites, some they had made themselves. Kitefliers young and old lined up around the gym in a circle, while Amy Doran, Spencer Watson and myself flew our Rev’s on short lines in the center.. UFO’s, Duals, Single Lines of all sorts and sizes! It was great fun to be a part of.

The potluck at the Kite Museum, bag raffle and awards ceremony was a great place to catch up in the evening.

Our grandkids were thrilled to be there and each had 10 minutes of camera time to take their shots of their favorite kites. Not an easy chore to pick just one.

The bag raffle was large with the best kite offerings.

Marsha Cannon made an amazing quilt with photos of the indoor kite flyers from past events. She donated it to the Festival raffle and some lucky person won it. It was an amazing piece of art and kite history. I wasn’t the lucky winner, but my thought is, “There’s always next year.”

I know we all can’t wait to do this again. You know I thought about what it’s missing. I think the only thing missing is you! Come on out and see the kite magic yourself, or better yet join in on it! We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Don’t forget to thank and support your local kite stores, internet favorites, and the KITE MUSEUM for all they do! I thank you.

Best Breezes,
Penny Lingenfelter
Indoor/Outdoor Kiteflyer