Issue 80: Lets Paint The Sky Rosario

Parque Scalabrini Ortiz – Rosario – Provincia de Santa Fe

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Our community is moving forward…

Let’s Paint Rosario Sky new edition, Wow! Organized by Secretaría de Cultura y Educación Municipal de Rosario – Santa Fé Province and Mundo Hobby, where we lived unforgettable moments.

We will see transformations and maturing of different groups which are consolidating the great kite family. We could say that the interaction and coordination of the activities are done automatically, with a great understanding.

Everyone knows what to do, how and when to help in order to enjoy a great Festival in family.

Diversity became unity, basing its success on respect for each of the specialties and hobbies that everyone wants to do.

New groups it appears, merge, rearm, all or almost all came from the same source, the same Father.

As children of that core, they grow up, they are looking their own way, they are improve, and they are searching their vision, while still belonging to the same family. It’s like moving from the unit to the diversity.

I believe that from now, the key is to help everyone, in order to get their desires and visions.

… Rosario is a cosmopolitan city that knows us since 11 years and since 11 years people are surprised by what we do, because we always doing something new.

Kite Mom:

That’s the warm nickname that our community has given to our dear Susan Fandiño.

Susana is the person who from the beginning supported our activity in Rosario from his state administration job, when some people doubted that it was possible to realize the utopia in order to organize a Kite Festival in Argentina.

Eleven years is a great achievement and I would like to share Susana’s thought with you:

The Festival is jointly organized by public institution and private enterprise.

I would like to emphasize the role of the state, which is from that place, from that perspective, which is laid our eyes.

The calls to the Festival are the public place appropriation, understanding it as the meeting space, coexistence and enjoyment.

Is an own place, full of experiences and subjectivities, a place that promotes social link, building responsible and caring.

A place that reflects our relationship, reflects our customs, and lot of possibilities that arise from community life.

A place that also allows keeps the tradition, the transmission of knowledge symbolic and playful. It’s a chance to enjoy the evening with family, with friends outdoors.

The call for participation is for the entire city, accessible freely, no cost.

It is the culture’s democratization. The citizens well understood, so they come with us since 11 years at this festival.

The Festival is promoted months before through workshops, involving schools and social organizations.

While it is an activity that arises from the Northern District, the workshops and meetings are done elsewhere in the city.

All groups which practice this hobby contribute to it, like BaToCo, Alto Vuelo, Mundo Hobby, Rosario Vuela, team Contra Viento, Freaks Team, El Alma del Piloto, Gigantes Voladores, MDQ Mar del Plata and all which make the show.

But this show is possible by the interaction between pilots at the arena, and those people which warmly gave them welcoming every year.

Susana’s thoughts are very simple and on behalf of all groups we thanks the support to: Mr. Horacio Rios – Secretario de Cultura y Educación de la Municipalidad de Rosario; Mr. Ariel Illanes – Director General de Descentralización and Susana Fandiño – Coordinadora General Distrito Norte.

The Festival:


In this opportunity to Claris Scokzdopole and I, the Festival start on September 2; because we were called by the Secretaría de Cultura y Educación Municipal de la Ciudad de Rosario in order to do a kite exhibition and Windless Indoor demonstration.

We traveled to Rosario City in order to assembly Claris owns designs Exhibition which included original models from world.About me, I exhibited some of my kites, of which three have a very special meaning.

Revolution 1.5 STD Patriotic colors, Revolution Indoor Patriotic colors that are Polo Madueño´s design and Revolution Indoor Nihon-no-ryu that was painted with Japanese’s technique from Pablo de Bella (Cristina Ishikawa´s Paint Art School in Argentina).

We arrived at Rosario City near 11 am, where we were greeted warmly of Susana Fandiño and her team.

All helped us and guided in the assembly and Ariel Carnevalli, shared with us great moments, exchanging different points of views and opinions that reinforce our friendship.

The exhibition was the previous stage for the September 8th when we returned to Rosario, with our families, in order to participate at the official presentation to the local news media.

The Festival has become a classic at Rosario; people expect it every year, which creates us an ongoing challenge.

Rosario’s people are easy and friendship but also demanding. They understand what it see, appreciate what we do and warmly encourage us every year.

I can say that “Rosario was always close” … as the lyric song says, composed by the local musician Fito Paez.

At different media and attendees, Claris, with their experience and wisdom explained in detail the essence and meaning of their works. Also tells his life experiences and the close relationship with the best and leading teachers in the world.


The Pilot´s Soul did two windless demos, explaining the techniques for its performance and what are the demos meaning.

The first demonstration was with the Revolution Indoor Patriotic colors in time of Sube – Sube by Mercedes Sosa singer.
The son is an Argentina folk and the patriotic feelings recreate the image of our flag flying through the sky.


The second show was with the Revolution Indoor Nihon-no-ryu in time of Sakura – Sakura.

The song is a Japanese traditional folk that describing the spring season in which the cherry blossoms in Japan. The Japanese dragon flew in time of music.

I felt very comforted to be able these shows because it has been a rewarding and memorable.

… The festival was started…

On Friday night, others BaToCo members arrived to Rosario in order to participate at the Festival on Saturday and Sunday. They shared a Windless Indoor workshop at “Tierra de Sueños” a beautiful place 20 kilometers from Rosario City.

All of us learned from each other and shared an exquisite dinner, organized by my friend Ariel Carnevalli.

Saturday 10, the “D” day:

The Festival opened at Scalabrini Ortiz Park with a sun shine, wind gust from SSW 35 km / h that reached 40 km/h.

At that place we see, year after year, that the Park is increasingly surrounded by buildings and trees that generate turbulence.

So we started to test our kites to get the best tuning.

We started flying patriotic kites, giant kites and on and on… wind gardens, acrobatic kites, Rokkakus, teams, pares and individual demos and mega teams.

A huge of fans year after year asked us:

What about coming up, that is going to be surprising us?

That’s the question that: BaToCo – Team Contra Viento – Rosario Vuela – Gigantes Voladores de Rosario – MDQ Mar del Plata – Alto Vuelo – Freaks TeamEl Alma del Piloto takes year after year, at the end of the edition and have to respond in the next Festival.

In particular Claris Scokzdopole, advance the answered doing a proposal for the 12th Edition: “Humor in Heaven.”

So now, we are thinking and working to achieve it.

Guys, if you think that humor has no flags or borders, we hope that next year, our world kite-mates sharing with us 12th Festival Edition. Bring us your Good Humor!

BaToCo Escarapela Project:

Alejandra Val comments:

“BaToCo group has completed the project number 5 and continues planning…

We premiered at 11th Let´s Paint Rosario Sky Festival.

This project represents the personalized BaToCo´s cover letter, shield in the center of the kite. The idea came from Lucas Gonzalez, imagining a National cockade.

It is important to say that is very difficult for us doing this kind of project. I think this is because is not easy to lay out this type of job, is not easy finding a place to carry them out and it is not easy financially support.

The good news is that when all come together with the ability to work, the result is wonderful and looks in the photos, videos, at the sky or at the ground.

That’s from the decision of those who participated in an opinion poll on the BaToCo website.

It was resolved making this kite like a foil of 5 meters of diameter by one meter height. It has three tail tubes of 48 centimeters wide to stabilize its flight.

The material is ripstop. Ceiling and floor are also a grid with squares of wire 60 x 60 centimeters. We used 157 meters of ripstop.

We get in a record time, thanks to Roberto and Betty Cassanello who spent hours at home sewing very fast.

I think that the achievement is thanks to kite-mates affection from Mr and Mrs Cassanello, or maybe did not want to have more meetings planned.

The group is for them friendship, joy and desire to share much of their lives.

The best was the desire, in which we gather during those meetings, laughing, joking, and friendship within a group that knows why they meet.

Gustavo Sonzogni made the meeting plan and Pablo Macchiavello designed the task and drawings.

Gustavo Cardelli from Mar del Plata City brought us the kite lines. Robert Cassanello said: “There was an effort and desire to reach the goal” meanwhile Demian Licaveski said: “I was surprised by the goal”. In fact all BaToCo´s members were surprised by the success.

The old BaToCo members realize that something happen when meet in order to get a project. We are good people, we became special, and we believe that the magic is around kites.

Be is synonymous of belong and be a member makes us a little happier by life.”

Betty Cassanello:

She is a lady that adapted a particular skill and tells us what it does:

… “I started hobby kites from my husband time ago. At the beginning as spectator, doing in some special workshops for children, kindergartens, hospitals and nursing homes.

And one day the grandchildren garden, ask for kites and I did with cane and paper.

When they saw it, they liked it and even moved.

And I thought; how it could be a bit of paper and thread rod, cause this effect? Here’s something else…

So I adapted the technique called “Quilling” and learned to use brushes. With time and practice I was doing more complex tasks.

I touched a sensitive ill time, and that task was really my shelter to ward off evil thoughts.

By the kite activity knew John Barresi and Peter Dolphin, great guys.

I remember that I gave John one of my jobs as a symbol of friendship.

Do you know what I like in my 70 years?

Just when my grandchildren say: …Grandma is not here because he went to fly kites …

BaToCo Wind Garden:

Mabel Gonzalez comments:

“The idea started thinking about planet care.
The garden embodies the four elements:

Water with fish, fire represented by hearts, air represented by butterflies, earth represented by ducks.

The message: We care for our planet, avoid throwing waste on the beaches, do not pollute our planet, is our home.

BaToCo Giant Kites:

Gustavo Sonzogni likes dragons and giant kites. Every year we are surprised with a new purchase, but this year we were really surprised.

I am going to tell you an anecdote:

You know that the Rays are giant sea creatures, that characterized by their big size.

Many legends have been written about these wonderful animals, some believable and some not, but I can assure you that this Manta Ray, is going to have to talk around the world.

… There was once a playful Manta flying peacefully during the Rosario Kite Festival at the sky. The audience loved its flight.

Adults and children played with it, as close as possible to caress her.

The warnings of caregivers were almost constant… “Beware guys, ladies and gentlemen, the Manta is very playful and does not measure its strength…

It was hoped that the overwhelming joy of the public, disregard the recommendations.

Suddenly one of the caregivers watched that near the Manta tail, had parked a baby cart with a baby inside.

Immediately caregivers warned the mother about the danger, asking that immediately withdrew from there..

The mother lifted up the baby into her arms, but forgot remove the stroller from that place.

Suddenly with a maternal instinct, Manta lifts the stroller with his tail to cuddle the baby while flying through Rosario sky…

We could heard the Manta song, which was our traditional lullaby:

Arrorró my baby, Arrorró my sun, sleep darling of my heart and still flying high … here I am!

If you think that these pictures are fake…. Watch the video
My God… Fortunately I can say that God is BaToCo´s member because otherwise… … Mmmmmmmm!

Coincidence or causality:

On Saturday, Nicolas and I decided to do a Revolution demonstration in pairs. We did in our practices contrary to MKF because Nicolas is a beginner at that stile of flying.

We chose the music on the spot. And while the wind gusts reaching nearly 40 km / h, we get a lot of fun improvising our routine with “Arde la Ciudad” song by La Mancha de Rolando band.

On Sunday the wind change and decided that it was the opportunity to fly MKF. Do you remember that in the previous article, on 10th Festival edition I mentioned that my MKF debut was at Rosario. Two Funky kites by Alto Vuelo, were my companions and at this time, the wind was as low as my experience that my presentation finished soon.

In this 11th edition, my son Nicholas did it flying 2 Funky kites also by Alto Vuelo.

Of course, the result was very different. He did very well and we flew together as a team – The music was Adiemus – Songs of Sanctuary

Adiemus means: Let us approach.

Nicholas is 12, start flying at 4, I do not know if he will continue doing, in fact does not really care too much.

I hope that sharing these moments helps him to build a strengthen personality…

After the show I asked Nico: What did you feel? And he said with a smile: “I enjoyed it like something natural”

I think that things should be done natural and humility; we will have time to improve the technique.

Betty Cassanello said: … “The little Nicolás Di Si took award flying two kites at once …” I have to confess that at the end of the show I felt very emotive of that experience.

Alto Vuelo Team:

Their members are Willi Borsani and Federico Polizotto, young pilots with great experience flying Freestyle. They did demos individual and pares in time of music. The audience applauded warmly theirs performances. Meanwhile Guillermo Fernández, Alto Vuelo owner, did his demonstrations of Power Kites. Great skill of these kind of flying shows us the level of those pilots.

Team Contra Viento, Rosario Vuela, Gigantes Voladores:

Members: Ballesteros Miguel, Benedetti Claudio, Bisaro Alejandro, Carbone Fabian, Carnevalli Ariel, Casanitti Sergio, Clemencin Juan Manuel, Coronel Daniel, Fernandez Javier, Franchetti Pablo, Graffigna Dario, Godoy Marcelo, Paz Leonel, Percoco Guillermo, Rossi Alberto, Tacconi Dardo.

Guillermo Percoco comments us:

We fly at Scalabrini Ortiz Park and we like to share with friends our free time learning and organizing workshops. We participate in several events throughout the year flying dual, Revos, giant, power and one line. The group started in 2005 and we also like to fly at night. That was why it generated a funny story about UFO. Rosario citizens watched lights at night over Scalabrini Ortiz Park but they can see who or what produced them. Thus it was the group became more famous and even some radio and television media began to talk about them. Mr. Juan Mascardi, did an interview at the program called “Elementary Substances” eventually the citizens could discover the real reason about nocturnal activities of these guys.

Diamond Stack:

Team Contra Viento and some BaToCo members flew Diamond Stack. Seven pilots improvised a routine, where the audience could see a colorful painted in the sky.

Teams, Mega teams:

Ezequiel Fernandez comments us:

[quote]”As Usually Happens in this kite festival, the wind did not help the pilots of stunt kites. In spite of this, all the pilots have their routines and exhibitions done for the spectators. The Freaks Team flew their team, pairs and individual routines. It was a great festival where the team continued getting prepare for the next World Championship of the WSKC (World Sport Kite Championship).”[/quote]

By the end of the demos, the dual line kite fliers joined together to fly to Mega Team.

This year, once again, at Saturday’s night, the Families who stayed to see the wonderful show, were dazzled by a 9-pilot with mega team dual line kites with colorful lights and lighted by single line kites.

During the two days, and for the first time in Argentina, there was a Revolution mega team Grid.

To achieve this flight, was it as example the ones taken are done in the different parts of the world. This made possible to join mega team. Different pilots with different experience.

The public showed their enthusiast and we all hope that, for the next time, more pilots join this project. It is an incredible way of showing how, despite the differences and similarities; things of the level of other Countries can be achieved and it is a way of fomenting also this sport in Argentina.

Rokkakus combat:

More and more pilots will join the Rokakus Fighting. This time 23 pilots participated. For the next festival is planned to incorporate Rokakus teams originated from the audience and schools.

Dinner and awards:

During Saturday night we shared dinner as a traditional friendship. Awards were given to all participants and invited to participate at the next 12th edition. Remember next time the theme is “Humor in Heaven”.

Sunday 11:

Nice day, the sun shine and the wind came from East at 22 km / h.
The activities took place on the same schedule than Saturday but the audience doubled the amount. Watch this Video!

What does the festival through the eyes of Maria Paula Pia:

Maria is a photographer and loves flying kites, she said to me:
“Always is difficult covering a kite festival. You are wandering why? Because the light shadows and stress during the event, and because requires the attention or maybe resignation. You have to chose, looking through the camera, or watching the show as a human being of the many, who will sit enjoying the Festival.

If you decided to fly, you have to be prepared to lose a great picture. This means that you have to give the best image in order to get another passion which is kite.

A photographer loves walking and running catching pictures, chasing our own, also flying with the camera in hand. We are waiting for the minimum sync with pilots, to achieve fair picture, that meets in one shutting most of an aerial choreography or cover as many kites, and catch the astonishing faces or gestures of the audience and pilots. The photographer has to be ready to fly in and out each time, when you attend the festival. It’s what we have in common, who love this profession with the kite pilots.

Eventually, I would like to say that while I was writing this article I was remembering John’s comments, a few phrases and images of the first article I wrote for Kitelife, published in 2005…I believe that those are updated… Have a look…

Gustavo Di Si