Corner Bits: Garden Banner, Portsmouth Kite Fest

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I would like to say thank you to all those people who have emailed in or collared me at festivals to say that they have enjoyed my little stories and articles in this magazine.

At some point over the winter I will be endeavouring to put most of these articles (and may be some comments that the editor won’t let me get away with) on our web site.

As I write, there are already some new videos to be found on the new, easier, layout of the front page of the site and more inside.

Hopefully, you will have seen the photos from the Portsmouth 2011 festival as taken by our official photographer, Roger Backhouse.

We have had other photos sent and we have included these as well.

If you have some good kiting photos that you would like to share please send them to us and I will see if we can get them on the site.

Garden Banner

There is not much to review with the garden banner from HQ – it comes in several colours, takes a while to put together so either put it in your garden and transfer in one piece to the shed rather than breaking it down, or get it put up early in the day if you take it to a festival or to the beach for the day. Once it’s up it looks good the ball on the top rotates and all the bits you need (except a hammer) are in the bag – probably better in a group of three or four.


A Number of people knew that on the day at Portsmouth, I wasn’t feeling on top of the world.

They had observed that I was wearing gloves (in team colours) most of the time and was well wrapped up even when the sun shone.

Little did I know that, three days later, I would be summoned, immediately, to Southampton General Hospital for a bit of major spine surgery.

I was given some bad news in the hospital in that I would not be allowed to fly kites for at least six weeks – However, that has now elapsed and we are back in the sky!

I have been quite touched by the number of well wishers who have taken time and trouble to contact me since – thank you!  I seem to be slowly on the mend now!


One of the highlights of Portsmouth for us was actually when it rained on the Sunday.

It is surprising how many friends you have when it rains and you have a big tent.

This time was a bit different because our friend Aditya had brought curry and about eight of us in the know sat in the dry and pigged out.

Whilst we were there I was reminiscing about the old days when we were at a fun fly at Newbury and it chucked it down with the same sort of heavy stuff as we were getting then. Everyone except Carl Robertshaw sat sheltering in their cars on the edge of the flying field but I wasn’t going to miss the chance of flying with him on my own, so on went the water proofs and out I went.

”That’s the way to learn things” I told my captive audience.

Then, **** me if Carl didn’t appear in the arena and start flying in the pouring rain!!!

“Are you going out there again now?” they all asked with big smirky smiles.

“No it’s OK!” I said “I have learned enough for today!”

I was chatting with Carl later and he told me that his secret was good, waterproof socks!

I mentioned about Carl in my previous “Corner” if anyone needs to contact him they can do so at