Review: New Trent IMP1000 battery pack

We do a whole lot of travel throughout the year and are fairly reliant on our iPhone for showing/watching videos, keeping up with communication, reading kite forums, playing games and everything else you’d expect to use regularly in a modern smart phone… But whether we’re out on the kite field or traveling across oceans, the battery life doesn’t quite seem to cover a full day so having a convenient external power source is pretty critical.

I’ve tried several types with varying degrees of success including the APC Universal Battery and Energizer Energi To Go, but none of these smaller units provided the amount of power I needed on my longer trips, which brings me to my current choice – the New Trent IMP1000.

Over nearly a year of use, it generally rides either in a jacket pocket or outside pocket of my backpack so it’s seen a fair amount of abuse, sand and humidity… While I don’t suggest you actively put it through all that, mine has somehow managed to survive without a single problem and the battery life seems to be as good as the day I got it (still charges my iPhone 4 roughly 5-6 times).


  • A Regular USB cable for charging cell phone device
  • MiniUSB and MicroUSB adapters are included for Blackberry (9630, 9700, 9550, 9800)
  • A nice small velvet pouch for holding adapters
  • No iPhone iPad Adapters are included, but IMP1000 is compatible with original iPhone iPad USB white data cable
  • UL certified AC Wall Charger is included range (100V-240V) suitable for worldwide travelers
  • English user manual

At the moment, this unit is coming up on Amazon for $76.95 with free shipping.
4/5 stars out of 311 reviews, and a solid thumbs up from me!

Unboxing video found on the New Trent IMP1000 product page

The advertised features:

  • 11000mAh capacity, Charge iPad 2 one time, Charge iPhone 4 6 times
  • Compatible with 2G 3G 3Gs 4 4S iPhone
  • Compatible with iPad 2 and iPad
  • Compatible with all generation 2G 3G 4G 5G iPod touch
  • Compatible with Motorola Droid
  • Compatible with HTC Android (EVO, incredible, X1, nexus)
  • Compatible with Blackberry (9630, 9700, 9550, 9800)
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tablet (adapter is sold separately)
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S, Nintendo, Sony PSP
  • 105% of iPad 2 Battery life
  • 600% of 4G 4S 3G 3Gs iPhone Battery life
  • 50 hours iPhone movie playing time
  • 19 hours iPad 2 movie playing time
  • 50 hours iPhone internet time
  • 100 hours iPhone audio time