Keeping Focus

As we covered in our recent Kites… Life column, the very popular Focus Kites (Paul DeBakker and Hunter Brown) had ceased to make kites, was essentially defunct, and there were indeed discussions to make some of the most popular designs available through a new company.

Just recently, we (along with so many others) received our copy of the 2011 Into The Wind catalog which not only features DeBakker’s Hydra design (cover), but also the Skate and Echo, assuring that three well established designs will be available for yet another generation of kite enthusiasts.

These kites should be available for order through your favorite retailers very soon, the current release date is set for June 2012… Response to the factory samples has been excellent and with Paul still actively involved – we expect the ITW releases to find similar popularity as their original counterparts.

Sincere congratulations to Paul, we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next! 🙂