Video Cumulus (3-27-2012)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks…

Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit!

Prism Kite’s trickshow from Anthony Eichele on Vimeo.
Prism’s original trick show video from the 90’s.
Shared with permission from Mark Reed.

Joe Hadzicki pilots a B-Series Revolution while strapped to the back of a paraglider
at Torrey Pines near San Diego… DO NOT try this at home, professionals only!

Laura Mastromauro and Samuel Roger show their solo, pair and trick skills
in this
beautifully arranged video… Superb visuals and great flying!

A group of Rev kite fliers on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego.

FlyForm indoor Rev team, performing at the Milton Indoor Kite Festival in
Washington on March 24, 2012… Spence Watson with John and TK Barresi.
( is a proud sponsor of FlyForm)