Virtual Freestyle 23 is underway!

Geographically difficult to attend competitions? Want to test your mettle and show off your freestyle skills from the safety of home?

Virtual Freestyle is an Internet-based kite flying competition that is free for everyone around the world to enter.

The competition was born out of the desire for an informal fun and format with relatively few rules and only a small time investment required to enter.

Our motto – fly your way – sums up the spirit of the competition.

Virtual Freestyle Round 23 is now running, submit your video entries now!

Entry closing date: June 10, 2012
Scoring closing date: June 24, 2012


  • A Lumokites Dynamite kite donated by Lumokites.  Click here to see the Dynamite in action.
  • A Lumokites Destiny kite donated by Lumokites.  Click here to see the Destiny in action.
  • A T-shirt donated by Lumokites.
  • A Virtual Freestyle mug.

How to enter

First, familiarise yourself with the competition rules and wait for a round to be announced if one is not already running.  Once a round is underway, send an email to to let us know that you’d like to enter.  You may email us right up until the round deadline, but please do let us know if you intend to submit a video.

Next, video record yourself flying a kite.  Choose a continuous 60-90 second sequence of flying, produce a video of this segment, and name the filename appropriately.  For example, if your name is John Smith and you’re entering VF Round 22 with an .avi formatted video, name the file VF22 – John Smith.avi (spaces are acceptable).  Submit your video file as an email attachment to before the closing date of the round.

Shortly after the entry date has passed, the complete set of video entries will be made available by the round organiser and participants will be emailed a scoring sheet document.  Review the videos and complete the scoring sheet by entering scores for everyone else’s entry.  Return the completed score sheet to before the results closing date.

Check back at this site for news of the results.  Regardless of where you place, bask in the glory of having participated in VF!

Visit the official VF website –

Read about VF22 –