12° Let’s Paint Rosario Sky Intl Kite Festival

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This year we renew our passion; at the 12th Let´s Paint Rosario Sky International Kite Festival which saw a massive public turnout at Scalabrini Ortiz Park in Rosario (Sante Fe Province – Argentina) on September 15 and 16.

Organized by the Rosario´s Municipality and Mundo Hobby; noting that Susana Fandiño and Ariel Carnevalli are the columns that promote this activity over the years.

When good ideas are rooted in good people, you can achieve this result. That is why the idea is still alive, and all feelings are under the skin.

Groups involved:

Mundo Hobby, BaToCo, Alto Vuelo, Rosario Vuela, Team Contra Viento, Freaks Team, El Alma del Piloto, Gigantes Voladores and MDQ Mar del Plata.

This festival has become a part of the Rosario community, where year after year people receive us warmly.

The Festival:

On Friday 14, we started the activities at the Scalabrini Ortiz Park in order to achieve an integrated work, training teachers and learning to the students of different schools that were present. This task is motivating and generates the festive atmosphere. Rosario Vuela and BaToCo were in charge of the workshops leading to more than 2000 children, and after that went to fly kites spontaneously. We call “Barrileteada”.

Betty Cassanello said about this activity:

It looked early white coats everywhere, and little hands raised holding kites; there were about three thousand throughout the day, as Robert said” this is the real festival “…just only kids running and laughing, neither of them fighting or anger; their teachers as “chicken” protecting her chicks.

Also we did that the majority of children flying dual and quad in their first steps. This is the result of many years of effort, coordination and motivation to teachers and students. We hope that the future generations can participate actively and convey the magic of flying a kite.

Saturday 15

It started with a sunny day; wind from NE 10 to 12 km / h.

For the opening ceremony, we flew patriotic kites and enjoyed a very emotional moment, it is our tradition.

First demonstration did by Alto Vuelo Team. Willy Borsani and Federico Polizotto flew two excellent freestyle routines with Proteus Pro by Alto Vuelo. My son Nicolás did next demonstration of MKF with two Kymera.

After that, The Pilot´s Soul – El Alma del Piloto – with Nicolás Di Si-13 years – Leila Di Si – 16 years and I did a routine called “Hey Soul Sister” flying Revolution.

Here the video of our first presentation:

This time, my role was to guide and counselor, because as you can see in this video, Nicolás flying his show individually:

Freaks Team, Fernandez family, continued the demos, surpassing expectations every year.

Also Ezequiel did his individual quad lines routine.

Have a look at those videos:

Then it was the turn of Contra Viento Team and BaToCo, they flew stacked diamonds.

People were fascinated by the colors and tails that crossed the sky.

To amuse the children, Willy Borsani and I flew the routine called “Statue” where the kites stop and go in the air in time of music. This year we add more fun with Federico Polizotto, Nicolás and Leila Di Si. So, five kites were dancing in the air.

After that all the teams and groups joined the traditional Rokkakus combat.

A contest, were the main features are the laughter, shouts of encouragement, applause and congratulations causing a very particular enthusiasm to the people. Meanwhile, Guillermo Fernandez, Alto Vuelo´s owner, performed power kite demonstrations.

The Giants:

Gigantes Voladores and BaToCo are the groups specialized in this activity. Lot of kites in number, size and variety surprised us every year.

Balloon and aerobatics kites:

A big Air Balloon was combined with kite flying Mega Team providing a magnificent landscape, and late in the afternoon lights began to appear announcing the night flight, pilots continued painting the sky.

Upon delivery term survey conducted sharing a fellowship dinner. In it, the commitment of all to the next edition of the Festival, the number 14, was set out.

Sunday 16:

Sunny day, wind from the ESE at 20 km / h and gusts of 30, began molding activities schedule to the new climatic conditions.
A special paragraph deserves the “Banderola”, which is still the most important and representative project of BaToCo group, which transmits a kind of mystique.

Note that the Governor of Santa Fe and Mrs. Mayor of Rosario were present to participate actively. They cape in hand, flew with all the pilots. From my point of view, when the government officials catching enthusiasm and participation of a massive activity, constitutes a clear example of what are the “moral values”, and what the values are transmitted to the community.

At the end, the Mega Teams of two and four lines joined the party, where pilots of different levels and experiences came together in a single flight.

Finally, here’s a video of the Festival:

Warm greeting to all and I hope that thanks to God we are going to meet next year!

Gustavo Di Si