Video Cumulus (2/14/13)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks…

Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit.

Spencer Watson’s Open Indoor Competition

Our very own Managing Editor here at KiteLife takes first place at the Windless Kite Festival earlier this year, and has drawn over 646,000 views on this viral YouTube video between Jan 26 and Feb 14th (less than 3 weeks)… Tremendous exposure for kiting, share the link!

Connor Doran on America’s Got Talent

The performance that launched Connor onto national television, this video has drawn nearly 3/4 million views on YouTube over the past 2 years.

Free Lance Project

Sick trick flying, Mathieu Mayet vs the Slash V2 Aero.

Romancing the Wind – Ray Bethell

Another beautiful and occasionally viral video, the various uploads of this on YouTube have drawn over half a million views.

Mouse Pointer in the Real World

From the 27 Festival Internazionale degli Aquiloni in Cervia, Italy – uploaded in 2007.

Prism Freestyle

An oldie but goodie, this is one of the videos that pushed kite promotion into a new era. 

Slim Chance Saloon

Kitesurf and landboarding by Davis Ursell and his team from PUSH KITING.

If you’ve seen a video you think we should feature, please send us the link via our contact page.

You can also find more videos at these links: