Revoclinic 2013

Since Bolau announced the event on the various forum about three months ago, we motivated people, especially the intermediate and advanced level, taking care looking around when they fly, teaching them to take care in squares, parks, beaches and other flight places.

When they see the spectacular flight of the  kite, people stop and stare, observing, they sometimes make comments about  it but I notice they want to ask questions, well, that’s the key, to leave the kite and go to where they are, introduce myself and ask if they are interested.  Everyone says yes, then I  ask them if would like to learn.  Some say yes, others maybe not, but the proposal is to invite them to come and have a go with the kite, it gives me the chance to speak with them while they are flying or even leaving them to fly a kite and inviting them to our celebrated kite events.

Also sharing this passion with family, friends at work, to explain the dynamic and philosophy of the “Butterfly effect”, so this  is the way Bolau works to motivate people in the forum and success is achieved due to the large number of new people encouraged by such passion.

We had a lower number of participants than last year but the excitement and brotherhood was higher than previous editions, which have us all great satisfaction.  The number of participants was 53 people including: companions, rookies, intermediate, and advanced.

Many driving for several hours to attend, people started arriving on Friday and a few were already flying in the afternoon.

Saturday dawned with good weather and good wind, the attendants came slowly until we all got together for the presentation and organization of learning groups at the scheduled time.

We were very pleased as a result of the wind picking up fast, at 14:00 we went to eat as good tradition a paella all together in the restaurant as we do every year. It was amazing, we had a leisurely banquet, drank coffee, and then we went back to the beach.

The afternoon was so busy; all of the rookies were trained with the instructions received throughout the morning, all supervised and assisted by one of the skilled pilots.

The rest of the flight pilots trained in “Megateam” also with instructions received in the morning, we noticed many improvements in the vast majority of them and on the course of these last years, Bolau Team in that sense is very satisfied because of Clinic’s goal gives its fruits. We are very proud to have created this event.

At 19:00 we went to rest until dinnertime and as usual we met in a hotel hall for teaching subjects of interest and to give gifts that Revolution gave us so kindly as they do every year.

The didactic lessons were about the physics of the kite, by Mr Guzman who explained it to us as a professional of it, helping us to understand a number of things that are needed to know to fly with ease our beloved Revolution kite.

When we finished we went to have a drink and laughed a lot, the atmosphere was very good, the rookies were well integrated and the veterans made it easy for the newcomer’s integration, the result was a luxurious cross relations, with much laughter, and great atmosphere.

On Sunday we met at the agreed time and start working again, the morning’s focus was on the work with Megateam and rookies, the wind helped a lot to do the work, it was exceptional.


We work in rows and columns to understand how to work in Megateam internationally and also to provide practice for prospective pilots that start out outside the country and find themselves in those situations.

At 14:00 we went to eat at the usual restaurant, we were starving and offered an exquisite rice special of that  area, chatted, and the goodbyes began because of the long and hours away route to travel.

Finally we want to thank the expert pilots who have had the dedication they had toward others, we might forget someone but they are Mr Guzman, Mr Jose Pelao, Mr Fernando, this time we focused on rookies and intermediate because of the number of people in the group, sacrificing a work expected for the advanced, I do not mind at all, the task was carried out as we had planned.

We want to emphasize and discuss this project the 5th Revoclinic edition, this occasion was to welcome rookies to start, to consolidate people and the fruit of the previous four editions.  We noticed the rookies and intermediate pilots who attended the first year have improved considerately, both have been placed in the position of intermediate and advanced, we have realised it for their work in their hometowns and the aptness work in the Megateam.

We miss greatly missed a lot of people and especially people who we love very much and because of those issues that life brings or leads, they could not be there in person but in our hearts were there.

As a result of the situation of the present day we are not able to devote all the time you want to be at these events, we imagine that after the storm comes a little calm and we can get back together again and enjoy this event which is ultimately convenient to transmit what we know and to learn from who teaches us, i.e. teamwork for the same purpose that is nothing more than wanting to teach kite Revolution and to have fun together

Thanks to each and every one of you who came.
Thanks to Mr Ben for as you take care us from the distance from the Spanish family.
Thanks to Mrs Lolly, we know that Mr Tonet is a nuisance
Thanks to Mr John for all those ideas you bring  us.
Thanks to Mr Manu for the work of the web.
Thanks to Mrs Edurne, Mr Axell, Mrs Naiara and Mr Raul for the translations.
Thanks to Mrs Anne and Mr Paul for your help and support to move forward
Thanks to Mr  Gonzalez brothers for being there.
Thanks for all messages you sent us, following and encouraging us through the social networks.