2018 Wisconsin Quad Clinic

SOLD OUT, we’ll see you in June!

Welcome to the early sign up page for members of the Wisconsin Kiters, to the quad clinic with John Barresi and Brett Marchel of Team KiteLife on June 9-10, 2018.

  • Saturday morning (10am SHARP) is Rev 101, in depth discussion and theory of quad line kites and flying, INVALUABLE to all skill levels.
  • After 101 flyers will break into their own kites to fly, John and Brett make their rounds, usually 2-4 visits with each student, or with 2-3 at a time if students buddy up (can be advantageous).
  • Ideally with wind allowing, we finish Saturday with some fundamental team flying that is accessible to pretty much any skill level.
  • Sunday starts with flying, more making the rounds with remedial assistance and then ideally, the last 3rd or so of the day we all play with team flying.
  • This is generally a “BYOK” affair (bring your own kite), we don’t really have “loaners”. That being said, someone would still learn a massive amount (with much less fly time) if they come without a kite.
  • If there is no wind on the day of, we proceed with everything we can, adding economical survival skills to the mix (light wind technique, short line, energy management, etc), its still good experience.
  • If anyone has to back out for any reason, we typically offer “store credit” with KiteLife (leaders, subscriptions, future clinics, etc) but will consider on a per case basis for hardship.
  • We have NEVER had a single dissatisfied student at any clinic except for the very rare (2-3 so far) that set themselves up to be excluded no matter what we do.

Registration is $125 per person and includes two full days of quad line instruction, your cell number is requested only in case of last minute changes, we do not share any of your information.

Be sure to do some refresher study at learnkites.com before the clinic, lots of free quad tutorials there, and we strongly recommend making a list of skills / maneuvers you’d specifically like to work on.