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As a publication, we strive to create and maintain one of the largest archives of kiting information and multimedia found anywhere on the worldwide web… Event reports, feature articles, interviews, out of print publications, videos, nearly anything of historic, practical or entertainment value for kite fliers from any part of this planet.

With such a depth of content on our site, we get quite a bit of natural traffic from the search engines and typically turn up in the first 1-3 pages of results when people try to find anything to do with kites… In addition to general kite inquiries, we also hear from newspapers, magazine and other media companies on a regular basis.

With traditional magazine/publication advertising, you’re limited to the subscriber base of that publication, and every copy will eventually be shelved, all but forgotten – but in a digital format, the bulk of KiteLife’s archives (over 1,500 articles and 40,000 forum posts) are available 24/7, accessible free of charge to the general public and found in daily results on most of the major search engines!

We’ve been online since April of 1998, we’re not going anywhere.

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What does it all mean? Simply, we’re welcoming hundreds of new kite enthusiasts on a daily basis who are looking for information about kites, and where to buy their own… In addition to our search engine traffic, KiteLife boasts a strong base of regular visitors (dedicated kite enthusiasts with growing kite bags) who return time and time again to browse our members section, publication archives, forums, videos, etc.

Standard Advertising

Our regular ad package puts your banner on every page in the main KiteLife site… That’s right, every article, archived magazine and information page through our entire web site, tens of thousands of possible appearances for one ad placement at a very reasonable rate.

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Size: 120px wide by 125px tall
Format: JPG, GIF, PNG (simple animations acceptable)

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Site-wide sidebar banner
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