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#42563 Déjà vu - Why I fly kites (doesn't everyone ?)

Posted by Reef Runner on 24 February 2014 - 06:02 AM

Why I fly kites (doesn't everyone ?)                                   


Yep, this is an old topic, that I commented on, several years back. I may have even started it, I don't remember, but I thought it was an interesting subject, and with a lot of new members on the scene, these days, I thought it would be interesting, once again, to hear some new stories...............


Here is mine, should you care to read it - I would love to hear yours !!  


Here goes......




Why I fly kites (doesn't everyone ?) & how did this all get started ?


Well obviously not.  Not around here, anyway.  I’ve been flying kites for around 12 - 13 years now, 95% of that, while on vacation at the coast. When you mention flying kites around home, people tend to look at you, like you’re strange, but at the coast, it’s more like, okay, so what?  Things seem to be a little more laid back in the resort areas, and I think people tend to expect, and/or overlook, most anything.  So what’s the big deal, with a few people out there flying kites, on the dunes, or on the beach?  Nobody really gives it a second though, but back home, not only do people give it a second thought, I believe that many give it a third, and maybe even a forth, thought.  I’ve even noticed adults (kids not included), that will actually tend to avoid you.  They will look away, and even pretend not to see you, when all the time, it’s so obvious, that they are trying, in their inconspicuous manner, just to sneak a peek, probably back to their own childhood days, but only when they think you aren’t looking, of course.  This, I’ll never understand, but as the old saying goes, “People are Strange”, so why press the issue.  Is it them, or is it “us”?  Well, maybe “we”, the kite fliers are strange, comparatively speaking, but all in all, I think we are a pretty benign group.  At least we aren’t harming anything, and for the most part, anyone, with the exception of the occasional “Newbie”, and a possible mishap.  We surely aren’t using up any valuable resources, and all in all, we are just out there blowing off some steam, chilling out, relaxing, meditating, kicking back, killing a little time, and just enjoying life and the great outdoors (and indoors), and the list goes on, I suppose.  I mean, what’s not to enjoy?  It’s just you, your kite, and the wind, doing your thing.  Actually, it’s a pretty cheap high !  So, why do I fly kites (?), you ask.  That’s why. 


How did I become a flier (?), well that’s a whole nother story, but common sense tells us, that the answers to both of these questions, are definitely intertwined.  As for me, my passion began 12 - 13 years ago.  At that time, my wife and I had been going to the NC coast, for years, mainly during the spring, summer, and early fall.  We really enjoyed the NC Outer Banks, and in particular, that 20 mile stretch of barrier islands, known as Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, and Kitty Hawk.  Oh, Kitty Hawk, the birthplace of manned flight (how appropriate?), the Wright brother’s, and all that.  “Wrong”, but close, all of that actually took place in Kill Devil Hills (it’s a common misconception), but that to, is a whole nother story.  Now back to kiting.


Anyway, after years of jumping from spot to spot, roaming the beaches, fishing, sitting on the beach,  reading books, and just kicking back, I finally realized that I was beginning to get bored, with the beach scene.  Sure it’s a great place to spend time, but just how long, can someone sit on the beach, read, and whatever.  I mean, you can’t drink beer all day.  Then one trip, I decided, out of the blue, and out of sheer boredom, that I was going and get myself a cheap (I didn’t even know the name) delta kite, that I could put up in the sky, tie to the chair, and at least have something different to look at.  Why not, I had seen other people flying kites?  Seemed like a great idea to me.  Well, I couldn’t even get that $3 delta to fly right, but I noticed a guy right down the beach, flying a much larger, 4 or 5 foot delta, with a large flowing tail.  That thing was sitting up there like it was pinned to the sky, so I ventured over to find out if I could get some help.  Yep, it seems that I needed a tail on my kite, for stability.  Well, I didn’t have a tail, but I did have a piece of string, so I tied a small piece of driftwood to the piece of string, attached it to the kite, and straight up it went.  Learned something!  No more dipping over to one side and diving uncontrollably to the ground or ocean, just up, up and away, and so was I.  Well, this of course, lead to some more delta kites, bigger delta kites, more expensive delta kites, and tails, plenty of tails, and then kite bags, and before I knew it, I was a kite flier.  Yes, that’s how I became a flier, but the story doesn’t end there, of course.


As the years came and went (actually only a couple of years), one day, I was proudly sitting there watching my beautiful delta kite, pinned to the sky, and there down the beach, was this guy flying (again, I didn’t have a clue), a kind of erratic kite.  Yep, it was a dualie.  Well, I’m wondering how come this guy, has this pretty kite, and obviously a very nice kite, but he can’t afford more than 80 – 100 feet of line.  He was hardly off of the ground, and the poor guys kite was going everywhere.  Maybe he needed some tail on that thing, just to calm it down a bit, but being new, I resisted the urge to go down and make the suggestion.  I just continued to watch.  Then, all of a sudden, and with the help of my binoculars, the light bulb came on.  That guy’s got two strings on that kite, not very long stings, but two, so what’s up with that?  Now, I did have to mosey on down, and check this out.  This I’ve got to see, and as they say, “the rest is history”.  Yep, the guy gave me a quick run through on flying dualies, showed me how to control it, and yes, he defiantly got my attention.  He offered to let me give it a whirl, but I didn’t dare.  I thanked him for the intro, and was on my way.  Now my big pretty delta kite, pinned to the sky, didn’t seem quite so exciting, in fact, it seemed kind of, ho hum!    So, hey, let’s go to that big kite store (Kitty Hawk Kites) in Nags Head, and look around, just look.   Well, being very close to my birthday, my wife says, go pick out a kite, and she would get it for me, for my birthday.  So here we go, stage two, dualies, and what did I pick out for my first real kite, a beautiful “Prism Fanatic”.  Don’t laugh, this was a pretty neat kite, back 13 or 14 years ago.  So back at the cottage, I finally figured out how to put it together, and out to the beach “we” went.  I didn’t know about kite stakes then, so my wife became my “kite runner”.  I would take off and she would run pick it up, over, and over, and over.  Finally, I got to where I could keep it in the air for more than 10 seconds, giving my “kite runner” a break.  Eventually, I learned about kite stakes, and now, my wife was able to get back to her beach chairs, umbrellas, and reading, and the best part, I could set-up the kite, and fly it by myself, and boredom was a thing of the past.


As the years ticked by, we continued our annual treks to Nags Head.  Eventually, we locked in on the same cottage, so now, we are staying in a cottage, that belongs to a, “now”, good friend.  And where, you ask?  Well, just coincidentally (or maybe not), it just so happens that this cottage is located directly across the highway, from Jockey's Ridge, one of the greatest kite flying spots on the East coast, and right behind the Nags Head, Kitty Hawk Kites flagship store.  We are usually there, 3 or 4, sometimes 5 weeks, during the summer, and that's when I really do most of my kite flying, but what a place to fly.  It’s the beach early and late in the day, and then as the beach begins to fill, during peak season, it’s across the road, and up on the ridge, where you can fly, till you just can’t fly anymore.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I got my first real kite (a Prism Fanatic) from Kitty Hawk Kites, some 13+ years ago. I didn't know anything about flying stunt kites, and I basically taught myself to fly, and believe it or not, I've still got that kite, and it's in excellent condition, and remains one of my favorites, and one that will always stay in my kite bag. Not to say, that it didn't hit the sand quite a few times, but never with any catastrophic results. The sand dunes, do tend to be, somewhat forgiving.


But there’s more.  Later on, some 8 - 9 years after the Fanatic, and some 20 - 25 stunt kites later, an on-line kiting buddy of mine, got to chatting with me one night, about this strange kite he had seen, somewhere for sale.  It was called a Revolution kite (?).  Again, somewhat new to me, although I had heard the term mentioned somewhere, but this thing had four lines, I thought, and I knew that I didn’t have any interest in that.  I was perfectly happy with my dualies, and I really didn’t want anything to do with one of those Revolutions.  Well, then one day, out of the blue, a package arrives at my home, and my buddy has sent me "nearly new", Rev 1.5 SLE.  Oh NO!  What am I going to do now?  I didn't have a clue what to do with that thing, and yep, it definitely had four lines, and handles.  I actually made two or three trips to the coast, and never even put it together, never even took it out of the bag.  I just didn’t want to get into that four line stuff, but, with all due respect to my friend, he had sent me the kite, and he kept asking about how I was coming with the Rev, so I had to do something.  I couldn’t keep putting this thing off, so one hot summer day, back in 2009, when it was about 95 degrees, and at least 10 degrees hotter, up on Jockey’s Ridge, I realized that the dune was basically deserted (probably the heat).  None-the-less, this looked like my chance, so I took off up the hill, with my wife as my co-pilot (here we go again), but believe it or not, after a bit of fussing and cussing about the lines, I kinda got it figured out.  Another day or so, and I could actually fly that Rev, not great, but at least I could keep it off the ground.  My biggest problem continued to be line management, but having been accustomed to winding up my dual lines, I understood the basics of what needed to happen, and eventually, I got that figured out, kinda.  Then, some guy named John Barresi comes along with these Rev tutorial videos, and there it was, my salvation, “Line Management”.  Once or twice viewing that video, and problem solved.  Now, if I could just get the flying part down, half so well, as the line management part.  


Anyway, I suppose that I’d still be considered a “Newbie”, especially compared to that Barresi guy, for now, anyway, because I am definitely still learning (aren't we all), but I'm trying hard, every chance I get.  So right now, after a really tough winter, I am so looking forward to a great summer, and doing something about that “Newbie” status.  OBX, here we come.


So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it !   That’s how I became a kite flier.   Fate, I suppose (?)




Since the original posting of this rendition, I suppose I may have shucked my "Newbie" status, somewhat,  although I am definitely still learning, and once again, after a tough winter, I am once again looking so forward to Summer, and our annual treks to the Outer Banks, and KITES !!


Now, lets hear your story.............Why do you fly kites, and how did you get started ??

#43180 And it begins...

Posted by John Barresi on 11 March 2014 - 10:22 PM

Wow, where to start.
Well, I'll open by saying that these past couple of years have been some of the most trying of my life, and consequently, my wife TK's.
We've had a rough road of it, close to calling it quits a number of times and we have arrived at a "jumping off" point, both literally and figuratively.


JB & TK's 2014 Adventure

(initial plan, subject to changes and TONS of additions as we go)


Indeed, TK and I are liquidating many of our belongings, putting a fair share in storage, and taking the rest on a several month, cross country tour that is likely to last into November.


I have seen 49 of 50 states (damned Alaska on the other side of Canada!), and I want to share that experience with TK, stopping to give clinics and lessons all along the way in order to finance our travel, making like Mr and Mrs Johnny Kiteseed all across the US... Frankly, we need to fill our cups and leap out into the universe together so that we might drink of those cups into a ripe old age.


Some will say "are you nuts??", some will revel in our decision... But truly, it's the right one for us at this point in our lives.


Loose plan is to have most everything cleared out in 4 weeks, on the road 2 weeks after that (around Apr 26). :)


KiteLife continues, kiting activity continues, except I hope to share many more adventures with you all as we go.

#41210 Yep..that would be me

Posted by tkrinor on 21 January 2014 - 10:45 PM

Put on pajamas to tie leaders because of 1 inch plaid pattern on them

Told my wife I didn’t want to pay for my first time with JB

(after telling how cool it would be fly with "the world's best flyer" moments after telling her that he gives lessons only 90 minutes away)

Knocked myself to my knees and nearly out ....backing into a goal post trying to keep a rev in the air.

Stole my wife’s hair bands to bundle spare rods

Wondered why it is called “the dark side”

Feel flush and babble like an moron in the presence of JB, Steve D and Bazzer, and Watty and Amy and Connor and etc. (should join groupies  r us)

Think it is cool that Wayne is identifiable by his “uniform”

Wonder why TK wears a turtle

Felt like a 7 year old watching Iquad

Drive hours looking for wind

Won the lottery by catching JB flying with TK….. and being the only one in the audience, after going 20 miles out of my way (after 60 miles heading to PDX) for about the 10th time “just in case”  JB happened to be at a flying field  (and seriously....... the first time without my kite bag)...but would not have interrupted them anyway

Still a hack...but someday.....


#43188 And it begins...

Posted by Nick Russell on 12 March 2014 - 01:12 AM

15 years ago, at age 46, my wife and I sold all our toys and walked away from our workaholic lifestyle, bought an RV and have been traveling fulltime ever since. We make our living publishing the Gypsy Journal RV newspaper and I have 18 books out, including travel books and the Big Lake mystery series. We have never regretted one day of it. We spent last summer on the Pacific NW coast, where we got into kite flying and met JB, we spent this winter in Arizona and in a few weeks we'll start wandering east in search of new adventures. I could not imagine a better way to live.

#42590 Déjà vu - Why I fly kites (doesn't everyone ?)

Posted by SkyPuppets LimitVoodoo on 24 February 2014 - 02:20 PM

I love these stories!
My kite story begins with cabin fever.
I gamble for a living. About 6 years ago I switched from playing live poker to playing almost exclusively online, as the logistics involved in live play were really starting to grate on my cheapskate nerve. At first, this was fantastic! But soon, I was staying indoors for days on end, not leaving my house at all, not getting any sunshine or fresh air... It took a couple years, but I began to get sick, and it wouldn't go away- sick in my body and sick in my head. I went and saw a couple of doctors, and after some tests, they told me I was vitamin D deficient and just needed some sunshine and/or vitamins. This would help my mental state as well, they told me.

Well I took up R/C hobbies, as I had a friend who was just getting into it, and now I could afford to (I used to drool over R/C when I was young). Had lots of fun, got outdoors, felt better. Cars, then boats, then planes. Starting pricey, and getting increasingly spendy... Then R/C helicopters. Oh my. Costs went exponentially up here, due to the costs involved with crashing. I remember thinking, often, how I could fly it better if I just had some feedback through the sticks...

My Buddy Roger tore up his tires one day, so I stayed at the track with our cars while he went for parts. He came back with a kite, a Prism Snapshot 1.9. I made fun of him for probably an hour straight. He struggled with it for more than 2 hours that day (less than 4 mph wind). So Roger calls me up one day and says the wind is strong enough to fly this kite (it was 10 mph) and he can show me how to fly it. He tells me how I'm going to love this, as it will appeal to my athletic nature. I get down to the park and see this parachute looking thing flying for a couple seconds at a time. It looked BADASS when it was up! He shows me how to fly, and within a couple minutes I'm tearing up the park- low ground passes, crazy fast spins, I actually "whooped" out loud uncontrollably a couple times! I loved the feedback the Snapshot gives, and a connection to it that I could FEEL through the handles. I hadn't enjoyed myself like that in YEARS. I bought my own the next day. I basically quit my R/C hobby a year later, when I was introduced to the Revolution kite, again by Roger. Roger doesn't fly at all anymore, due to health concerns :( I was introduced to the kite community when I went online looking for a way to avoid snagging my lines on my handles and found the Rev forum :)

4 years later, I'm a daily flyer. I have a deep appreciation for kites and kiting. It has changed my life, and for the better. I have found my passion. I love the kite community too! I will always be flying some form of kite, not matter how far into the future you look me up! And I will always be seeking out others who do the same ;)

#38486 Group flying: Don't turn down the chance!

Posted by Jay Farlow on 23 September 2013 - 05:10 AM

After officially joining the dark side with the gift certificate I won here last winter, I had my first chance last weekend to fly in formation with a group of other (much more experienced) Rev. fliers. What a blast!


I was kite number 10 of a 10-kite flight at the third-annual Illinois Kite Enthusiasts' weekend retreat. We did some follow-the-leader and a couple of static formations. I had more trouble than anyone else staying in position, but part of the time I did OK. The other fliers were very gracious and encouraging and I got a great deal out of the experience, which is why I'm writing.




If you're a novice (like me) or future Rev. flier, take heed: If a group of experienced fliers invites you to fly with them, do not hesitate!


Don't worry about whether you're good enough. They've been watching you fly and know what they're getting themselves into.


Do realize that group flying can help improve your precision more than solo flying. This is especially true with speed control. Flying solo, it's really hard to know how well you're really controlling your speed. In a group, you know exactly how good your speed control is!


And these training benefits, I suspect, are big part of what prompted the experienced fliers to invite the novice in. They knew what it would do for my flying, because they've been there.


If you haven't had a chance to fly with a group yet, I recommend that during your solo flying, you work on holding hovers more than just zipping around the sky. Then, fly horizontal figures 8, slowly, without allowing your kite to speed up on the descents or slow down on the climbs. This is particularly difficult to judge when flying alone, but work on it anyway.


Then, find some experienced people to fly with. I'm lucky that the IKE retreat happens only a couple of hours from home, but there are plenty of other kite clubs around the country who have fun flies, so find one.


Believe me, you'll get a lot out of it!

#53773 Long Beach Island Kite Festival... 2015

Posted by RobB on 13 October 2015 - 05:46 PM

This event was a great kick-start to the 2015-2016 Kite Season ! It's the first time that they've had a kite festival at this location, and I think it was a huge success ! My hat is off to the organizers & the people of Long Beach Island for putting up with us crazy kiters...




The wind was a bit strong on Saturday... I think I got more windburn than sunburn...




Revs were the most flown kites on Saturday... well, probably for the whole event. There was a huge turn-out of Rev fliers, and some great looking Revs, too.




A quick lesson off on the sidelines...




Did I say that it was really blowing ? Even this mega-super vent Rev was flying pretty fast...




Later in the day, the winds came down and some dual-lines came out to play...




Good looking kite... I think it was an XTZ ?




I really liked the colors of this Rev. This pilot had all of his Revs in these colors... Sweet !




Once the winds came down, some of the BIG kites took to the air.




S'more of the BIG kites...




Speaking of BIG kites, I got a few people to give the Skyburner XL a try... BIG kite in a fade !




The sky couldn't have been brighter...




Blue against a blue sky ? Looks better than it sounds.... I think this is an R-Sky kite.




Another candidate for an arm-lengthening...




Some shots from the dual-line competition. I think this one is a Vendetta, a pretty hard-to-find kite.  This is the first time I've watched a competition. Pretty cool, I even got to pit crew for one of the competitors.




Another competitor with an R-Sky kite...




Vented Vendetta ?




Sunday brought some amazing weather, especially for October in the North East. The winds were smooth, about 3mph, offshore. Flying against the sun & water background was amazing. This is an Enigma UL... very nice kite.




The Snow Devil, out of it's element (no snow). 




A few Rev fliers floating some NYMs around in the light wind...




What are these super-cool looking iridescent sticks ? All these NYMs had them.




Cool looking all-black Rev and a Transformer 2 SUL...




A Nirvana SE UL. Pretty kite, and it flew nicely, too.


So happy I got out to another event this year. I got to see people that I haven't seen in years. Fly kites that I otherwise would never get the chance... I hope they're going to hold this event again next year, it was well worth the 8 hours round trip, getting up at 5am on a Saturday, and a hotel room.

#50978 Off the Grid - short line

Posted by windpoacher on 25 May 2015 - 07:05 PM

#50297 Drooling while waiting

Posted by rfcaddell on 13 April 2015 - 07:55 PM

Just ordered my first quad kite and it's a Rev B serie standard. I've been flying duals off and on for ten years and came across this website a while back and was amazed by the agility these type of kites have, and after watching some of the tutorial videos I was hooked. So now I'm sitting here waiting for the FedEx driver.

#49029 Bringing a newbie in

Posted by Nick Russell on 26 January 2015 - 06:50 PM

We were visiting my son and his wife in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the last week, and I had the opportunity to introduce him to the sport of kite flying with my Prism Snapshot 1.9 speed foil. Saturday we had winds of about 8-10 mph, enough to get it up in the air and give him a feel for it. But Sunday winds were 12-14 with gusts to 20, perfect to give him a real workout. It didn't take very long for him to get the hang of it and begin doing some basic maneuvers. Not much longer and he had an ear to ear grin and was telling his wife he needed one of those! 

#48221 First video from our 5 month trip...

Posted by John Barresi on 25 November 2014 - 04:05 PM

Finally found my muse, and made the first video from our 5 month trip around the USA... Much more to come! :)


#46520 Island Kites @ Canarsie Pier, Brooklyn, NY

Posted by RobB on 05 August 2014 - 06:28 PM

I was passing Canarsie Pier again on my way home from work, and saw that the kites were flying again. I didn't feel like sitting in traffic much, so decided to stop in and hang with the guys I met last week. They were all there, along with some new faces. All of them are incredibly friendly, they remembered me and took me right into their group. 

The kites that they fly are all home-made, just like they flew on the Islands that they come from. The kite that they fly is called a 'Mad Bull', because they pull so hard, especially considering their size. The line they were flying on was kevlar, looked like around 150#-200#, seems really strong for a kite no bigger than 2 feet across, until you feel the pull ! Materials were ripstop fabric, split bamboo spars, glued seams with very little sewing. The long tails were made out of strips cut from basketball jersey material with the little holes for the most part, but some of the kites had what looked like strips of bedsheets. Oh, and they had a little buzz strip on the nose that you can hear when the kites are low, but you can only feel it in the line (interesting effect) when they're a couple hundred feet up.

They fly these kites pretty high, nice solid, stable flyers until you give the line some input. A pull or a push at the right time can make the kite turn left or right, loop, power dive & recover. Pretty amazing in their skilled hands. Pretty scary in my inexperienced hands, I mean, the last thing I wanted to do was crash the kite, and I had no idea how to get out of a dive. I could hear them laughing a little as I panicked... A little slack, and the kite turned back up and recovered.

I know, I said I wouldn't fly at this spot again, but the spool was just handed to me, and my new friend walked away.  :cat_shocked:

I was just stopping to take some pictures of them flying and ask them more about their kites. I can't say how much it means to me to have found this friendly group of kite flyers, to learn about kites that I knew nothing about, and a little bit about their culture from the Islands. One thing that one of them told me really stood out... when they are home flying kites and it gets dark, they just tie them off, go to sleep, and come back in the morning... the kites are still there flying, and they pick up where they left off ! One guy said the longest he had a kite flying was 2 weeks ! (WHAT ?) Yeah, he told me that with a straight face, I believe it.


Long tails ? (Got tail ?)



Launching the Trinidad Colors...



You can tell from the tails how the kite dances as it climbs, on purpose from the pilot's inputs...






Nice, solid, straight flight with no inputs...



Looping around at altitude...



Some of the others flying...





A few loops & a dive...



I thought this one was a nice design...




#44019 Fun Downunder

Posted by West Australian on 10 April 2014 - 12:39 AM

Had a little session at the Field today with SparkieRob.


Here are some photographic highlights:


I managed to snap some shots of Rob Chasing a Plane accross the sky

Plane Chasing 01.JPG


Plane Chasing 02.JPG


Plane Chasing 03.JPG


I attempted to draw upon some Artistic Composition for this photo:

A Little Bit of Art.JPG


Rob enjoys some time on his new Urban lines:

Urban Lines 01.JPG


Not a lot of room out there, good thing he has these short lines....  ;)

Urban Lines 02.JPG

#53583 Motown Throwdown (Barresi/Marchel)

Posted by John Barresi on 03 October 2015 - 05:56 AM

#53035 Dogstake at WSIKF 2015

Posted by John Barresi on 03 September 2015 - 07:13 AM

Dogstake fun at WSIKF 2015

Dogstake fun at WSIKF 2015, video by Henri Dancy. :)Actual dogstake unit co-designed with Mikey Devereaux.

Posted by John Barresi on Thursday, September 3, 2015

#50736 Early morning practice session

Posted by Dave362 on 12 May 2015 - 03:28 PM

After the first day of JB's clinic, what I learned was so awesome that I went to the beach the next day before dawn to work on it.  I attempted to practice what he suggested and filmed these short clips to hopefully get some feedack for improvement.  Each clip has an entry, trick and exit.  No music, fancy transitions, just simple practice.  For two of the wrapped tricks, I had to fly out of frame after the wrap to get a clean entry line. The whole thing is under two minutes. I'd really appreciate any comments or tips.  Thanks so much,

Early morning practice session from Dave.362 on Vimeo.

#48814 KiteLife'rs rock!

Posted by mystainedskin on 08 January 2015 - 12:37 PM

I love this place....you guys and gals rock!
Along with all the knowledge...every once in awhile a suprise pops in from a fellow member.
Thanks Marshall...totally not needed...but will be well used indeed! Maybe next week? :)
Did I mention I LOVE THIS PLACE!
Keep doin' what your doin'....a recipe for a great family!

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#48761 Never Say Never

Posted by mystainedskin on 03 January 2015 - 09:04 PM

Todays journey started with all intentions of Rev flying on a local pier with floating docks. Upon arriving and waiting for a few folks to move...the wind got funky..eventually dying off.
I managed to squeeze some water play and a little flying in..but not enough to even get the camera set up. After a few dips of complete stillness and nowhere to run...I decided to Kap instead of slice my sail on barnacles.
It took about an hour to finally get the Triton up high enough for some liftable air. At approximately 350'..viola
Never say Never. With all good efforts come rewards! After much running and fighting bugs and the wind....here is my prize.
........a few were too large.I will resize and post up in a bit.G0084752_1420325729788_high_20150104001427739.jpg

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  • G0044537_1420325729788_high-1_20150103231843712.jpg

#48503 2015 NW Casual Clinic | Feb 21, 2015

Posted by Tristan on 17 December 2014 - 02:36 PM

Hi folks,
Ramping up for the new year, JB and I are tentatively planning a casual clinic (any type of sport kiting) after we return from India.
Scheduled date is February 21st, most likely at Kite Henge (near Tacoma WA), and there may be opportunities for private lessons with either JB or I on Sunday if anyone is interested.
As always, a casual clinic has no fixed registration fee... Its an open format with no class structure, fliers are encouraged to attend and pick our brains for any type of sport kiting information or skills they may wish to learn - tips are encouraged to defray expenses, but only whatever you feel the instruction and information was worth to you - the whole idea of a casual clinic is making instruction accessible and affordable to any flier.
Please fill out the survey below if interested in attending, it'll give us an idea of how many people we might expect, what topics are most popular and give us a way to reach you with news as it develops. 
Hope to see you there!

#48346 Portland Urban Flying

Posted by Tristan on 07 December 2014 - 02:19 PM

Went on a trip to the coast of the USA and stopped by Portland for some urban flying...


Check it out below.




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