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Seeking Nirvana



Reading the forums & watching videos you eventually notice that some kites have achieved an almost mythic reputation.  But there are those that dismiss them too.  Kite fashion moves on to the next latest greatest kite.  But still you wonder about these special ones.   The RSky Nirvana is one of those kites.  New ones are pricey & used ones don't seem to be sold often.  But somehow I wound up with one described as a SUL.  I believe it is called a Nirvana WW.  Didn't know what that stood for until I consulted with one of my kite mentors.  Rob said "Wow, that's a purty kite ! A Nirvana Without Wind ? I am no Nirvana expert, but I would guess it to be a Second Edition."  The complete kite weighs 195 grams, 6-7/8 ounces.  Tip to tip is 92" & the spine measures 34-1/2".  The tunnels are 11" deep & the leading edge length is 59".  Being a kite that large & that light, it is a true Super Ultra Light.  

Easter afternoon was overcast, temperature in the sixties with light wind out of the southeast at a measured 2 to 4 mph with occasional puffs reading 5.  Average reading after ten minutes was 3 mph.  I have tried to fly many different kites in similar conditions.  Most times it is simply an exercise in keeping the kite in the air & moving.  Certainly no attempts at slack line maneuvers & landing often to wait for the next puff of wind.  Only a couple of my kites really work in these inland sketchy conditions so this would be a real test.  I thought I would probably fly around a bit using up a lot of ground stroking the kite.  But I have one other kite that is full size & similar weight so I thought it would fly okay.  I unrolled the same line set I use for the PD SUL, 100' x 90# with Norm's finger straps.

Alright! an easy launch with the kite climbing effortlessly up into the more active air that starts about ten feet above the terrain.  The kite flew very straight, carved nice circles & exhibited no oversteer, none.  Wasn't too long ago I could not even have judged a kite for oversteer.  Flew figures for a few minutes then went to the zenith.  I turned downward & walked downwind to slow the kite.  It behaved just like the SkyBurner Pro Dancer SUL.  It glided wonderfully.  I could have run downwind & it would have still glided elegantly.  That's a good sign I thought.  It occurred to me that all the PD flying will translate to this one.  I held my hands low & a bit behind me.  I threw my hands forward & stepped toward the kite.  It flared just like the Sea Devil & a moderate tug pulled it around to a fade, first try!  Now that's a big deal for me at my level of flying.  Held the fade nicely bobbing a bit but I was in control.  I rolled out & climbed a little bit, flipped over & did it again.  Dang! this kite is gonna be good.  I proceeded to go through a few other slack line items I am working on.   And that's how the next two hours went.  I was finally flying an SUL that even I could trick a little bit in very sketchy inland conditions.  It also was easy to fly the window 90 degrees to each side with very little walking backwards.  For the first time ever I noticed I was using more of the field giving slack to the kite then I had to use to keep it flying.  I was walking backward using up what was usually precious ground in order to have more room to give slack to the kite.  This kite will fly very slowly & still behave.  I guess you would say I like it.  

I have found Nirvana.  SHBKF


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Sweet kite ! You're making me wish that I had bought that one. I was lucky enough to fly someone else's at a festival last Fall, although I believe it was an UL. Same thing, low winds, and super long lines, like 100' or 120'. That was the only thing that I wish had been different, since I'm not used to long lines. The kite did fly like a dream, though, it had really good precision for the low winds and I was able to bang out a few tricks. 

Glad you got one, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about it !

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Very sweet!


SUL's, barely feeling the wind yet the kite feels empowered by it. The calmness of action, the impossibly s-l-o-w rotations. A feeling of oneness. 

I love flying my SUL most of all. I'm glad you like your own 'vana and look forward to hearing more. 

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