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Headin' out




The leaves are gone now.  As I gaze out the bay window, looking for wind in the hollow, I see the tops of the tall white pines gently waving, calling.  Down to the dungeon I go, pondering which kites to select this day.  Some days I only take one type of kite like maybe just foils.  Other days I select to sort of force myself to fly something that has challenged me previously.  Plenty of times I will just take one or two of my latest favorites.  Additionally there are also at least five kites living in the kite cart which would be enough to cover all local winds anyway.  In three hours I will generally fly three different kites.  Wind changes come as often as my whims so it is unusual for me to fly only one.  If I would concentrate on just one wing I would probably make more progress.  Five miles away there is a large open area of a stalled housing development.  Mowed a couple times a year it works for me.  Hop in the Cruze, turn on the jump drive tunes & listen to Tom Petty sing about Melinda as I get going.  Approaching the field I see a flag gently rustling on it’s pole & I begin to smile….SHBKF



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> Hop in the Cruze, turn on the jump drive tunes & listen to Tom Petty sing about Melinda 

How about "Learning to Fly" (Tom Petty) - isn't that what we all do?

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