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Just put a kite up in the sky.

There's not enough people flying to the right music! An 11' delta I launched earlier is now looking like a black hole in the sky.

I love what little heat I get. But get out there and fly! Heck with the heat! Once you're out there the heat seems to vanish! And

Becomes you and the kite! 

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Lots of time to do planning, checking inventory/repair and get(low or no wind kites?)/make stuff I suppose. In a way I share your non-kiting agony, silly, but I hurt my little toe by banging it into a leg of a chair yesterday. (Now see if this little red and blue source of pain will fit into my sneakers so I hopefully can do some kiting towards the evening.) It seems like you would need a double stacked Cabana or an HVAC environmental suit? :) I hope for a more cooperative weather for you soon!

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Earlier this summer, the heat got to me and I couldn't make it back to the parking lot.  I ended up sitting by the side of the road while my husband got the truck and came to pick me up.  The park ranger saw me and stopped to help and would have called the EMTs if I had needed them.  I had been drinking water and pouring it over my head and shirt.  Since then I take no unnecessary chances.  

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6 hours ago, photomom said:

Since then I take no unnecessary chances.

As Mr. Eastwood once said "Man's got to know his limitations". This past winter season I've seen snow in Oct through May, that leave only 4 months without seeing snow this year. Today it's going to be 92 and 5 - 12mph winds out of the south. I put a few slk's back in the air by 6:30am from laying on the ground or flying since this weekend. I'll get a rev out after a few hours of mowing, then bring everything in before the rain hits this evening.

The biggie is, from the rev to my kitchen is about a 24 second walk or a 30 second walk to the bathroom or pc or tv. Moderation is very important when you're doing anything, especially in adverse weather conditions, but we all know that, I've past out in the heat before, well started to black out and dropped to my knees but that was low bp.

It's hard to put those lines down and take a break, will I over do it again, most likely. If I have learned in my first 65 years I'm sure I'm not going to learn in my next 65!

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