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Side slides and axles




Work and life can be too good at keeping me from kiting! I've gotten out a bit but the wind hasn't been obliging when I do. I finally got a chance today to practice in good wind with my BF (Cyberc0ms, Brennen). First I worked on slides as there had been some great chat about them here  on the forum and I wanted to think hard about what I'm doing while on the field. The first 3min of this video are slides done all the ways I can currently figure out how to. 

After that I got into some axle practice! Last time I went out we all agreed I wasn't giving enough slick after the tug. This time things really started to click! Not quite totally there but wow is it fun to feel that little bounce before the kite starts to spin! Here is a slow-mo video of both. Axle practice starts at 3:15ish.

Edit: Here is the real-time footage of this session, edited to maximize flight time but nothing else. it is long and more for me to review my progress than for anyone else but why not include it :)

Finally, I got to take out the unknown black Shanti kite that my parents grabbed off Craigslist (along with an Allegro). I have some footage of flying it that I'll post here tonight or tomorrow!


Edit: I took it up! The wind was 8-10 knots(ish) and the kite buzzed like mad. I didn't play much with it as I don't want to break it in too much wind, I'll take it out again in something lighter. It looks great up there though and I like the way it handles :)




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"Foggy side slides and cracking the axle" (as written in the video) - what a catchy phrase.

When I see your first video I go deep in details (probably the "wrong ones") as the slo mo of your videos allow it, seeing the downwards turn of the start of the side slide in the first video (e.g. at 01:05). As the view is from the side I can see that the nose is far back during the turn, but then suddenly goes forward during the stall part. Sorry this has not so much to do with your learning, but is it so that the nose of a kite always goes from the pilot when turning? When doing a turn to a turtle transition is one already half into a turtle just by turning? This makes me wish for two (or three) cameras perpendicular to each other filming the kite in slo mo during a turn (or other trick - just to learn how the kite really moves.

Congrats about the axle - it can only go upwards/onwards after this. About them being level on the exit - I'm also still aiming for exits that are as horisontal as possible, but kind of suspects it is much a property of the kite how it behaves here.

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Slo-motion has been great for me to see the nuances of the kite's motion, that's for sure! It is great to see what others get from these videos too! Watching the turn at 1:05 I think I see what you mean! I think the snappy tug as part of the stall turn pulls the trailing edge towards me, which causes the nose to lean away? If there is wind today I'm hoping to try a multi-camera setup so maybe I'll have a good debrief video up this evening :) I can't wait to get out and practice again, that's for sure. 

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I didn't get multiple cameras set up yesterday but I got some very interesting angles when practicing axles on my Ozone. I think I'm getting the hang of slack management for the trick, and mostly with the set up as well. The kite shudders too much during most of my axles though, so I'm guessing I'm still tugging too hard or slightly at the wrong time. 

Here is a video! I've been taking your advice and "filming with intent" as we talked about so only the key bits are in slow motion. 


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