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Still Wiping That Tear From My Eye...




Yup, it's happened. My boy is officially a Duallie pilot ! I am so happy, so proud. Words can not express how happy I am to have someone to fly with. This empty beach with such wonderful wind, and after years of flying alone... I've got someone to fly with who is truly enthusiastic about the kites, and is eager to learn more...


I started out today's lesson with a kite that I didn't care if it got trashed, the Prism I2K. Not exactly a beginner's kite, but it was the least of the kites in the bag I had today. Not really true... notice the big-ish foils in the background. We started by flying those. I wanted to see if he liked power... nope, they were boring to him since the wind wasn't too high, and he's flown smaller foils before. We'll revisit those when the wind picks up...


I nearly fell over when Mick demonstrated good form & control. He was eager to learn new stuff, so we worked on shapes and punch turns. Horizontal ground passes, all that good stuff.


He even took the camera for a while... I was showing him some stuff and he was holding the camera. It was a nice surprise when I dumped the camera and found shots that he took.


Yes, it's still a little warm here. He was barefootin' it, but still needed a sweatshirt. BeachFootin' it, according to him...


He was doing fine, so I had to pull out something a little more fun to fly... WidowMaker Spider was a fun choice ! I think he's still boggled about slack line tricks, but it was still fun to fly figures.


Yeah, my heart skipped a beat. This wasn't a nose-plant, but it was close. Eh, whatever... these kites are tough. Besides, nothing can compare to the value of having a new kiting companion. I've taught many people how to fly, but Mick is by far the most rewarding, and hopefully this has just begun. 


Yeah, this has been a long time coming...



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> started out today's lesson with a kite that I didn't care if it got trashed, the Prism I2K

You put the finger on my inner conflict when my youngest daughter happen to show up - can she always try the "current" kite? So far I initially let my daughter start with the HQ Quick Step (a beginners kite), then Prism Alien, because I determined that it could take a beating (I do care about this kite), then HQ Tramontana and HQ Maestro. Progressing to the next kite becomes a recognition of her abilities and, because my daughters know a care for the kites, it is also a token of trust when she is allowed to progress to the next kite/"wind condition". Also if I had an I2K I probably would care very much if it got trashed, but then I have difficulties in parting from any kite.

> Yeah, this has been a long time coming...

You are a man of patience, who also might need a few extra spars in the years to come. I also hope that you some day will see him grow while teaching someone else.


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Congratulations to both of you! I was surprised at how much better flying is when you aren't by yourself. Just wait til you are are both flying at the same time! Those pics make me want to take out my I2K now that I'm a little more confidant!

Also, it is so great to see how quickly kids learn these kites. Me and my BF were out a few months ago with a toy dualie and a couple kidlets came up and wanted to fly. 5min later and they were both whizzing all over the place! 

I hope you can look forward to many years of kiting together!

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