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Today provided great rain (0.05 in), cool air (65 F), and a bit of wind (6-22 MPH).

Kite control is coming more naturally.

The next step is to tame arm movement.

The zooming in and out edits on this video make me a bit dizzy. Does anyone else experience this?



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Great video!

I like the 'cameraperson' effect the pan-and-zoom provides. any way you can break each motion up into an acceleration, pan, and deceleration phase? It feels like I'm expecting each

shot' to end later than it actually does which might be causing the dizziness. If you can't do acceleration, maybe flank the main pan with short pans at 1/2 the speed of the main pan (if that makes sense...).

I love the provided stats too. I gotta get a wind speed meter :)

Keep 'em coming!!

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2 hours ago, Happyspoon said:

I love the provided stats too. I gotta get a wind speed meter

For Victoria lately, the wind is either "Kite won't fly" or "Kite will shred".

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